Wine and Curry

RIMG0003 I was seated at my terminal reading up on the latest funny (at least to me) news, trying to recover from last night.

5.45pm and the phone rang. “So how are you going for dinner?” asked Jeff.

“What dinner?” Oh oh…

“You mean you forgot…?!”

“But I just woke up!”

Twenty minutes later, I was out of the shower and headed towards the gate, rapidly acelerating. Zoomed off to get wines and beamed down to meet Jeff in time to go pick up the Lims and play with Guiness the puppy. It was 7pm.

Yes. This blog is ever-ready to spring into action. This rarely happens as this blog can only use its powers for food.

Anyway, we were invited to a dear (look, I just woke up ok?) friend’s house for curry. This caused a worry as we usually bring a bottle or two or three when invited to a dinner but curry is a wine killer.

Perhaps beer? Beer is perhaps one of the best drinks for curry. But I don’t really like beer. *the world gasps* It’s true though, I have a dislike for beer that has a psychologically ugly story behind it.


Anyway, it turned out almost everyone brought a Champagne or sparkling wine. This turned out great. The best pairing turned out to be the Jacob’s Creek Sparking Red Zinfandel. This sparkling is fairly new, in fact, I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere before. Fortunately, it’s available at the local supermarkets.

Conversation flowed easily from Feng Shui to travel and from haunted carparks and hotels to the best way to kill yourself.

Yes, this blog has heard of intellectual dinner conversations before but have decided that it is as entertaining as watching mud being polished.

Dinner started with Hor D’oeuvres which means either Eggs from Horses or Starters. 😉

RIMG0001 RIMG0008 RIMG0012 RIMG0015

Served with a Chutney and chilli, they can give Japanese Tempura serious competition. My favourite was actually the stuffed green chilli, but the Tuna balls came a close second.

The nice thing about dinner at a friend’s house is that it is more casual, relaxed and family-style. Platters of food were passed around and around. It was a veritable feast.

RIMG0018 RIMG0023 RIMG0030 RIMG0026

The kebabs were brilliantly done, moist and soft as was my favourite of the evening: Mutton Curry. Spicy, hot and oh-so-Lemak. Lemak here means “creamy”. Especially on the yellow rice with Cashews. This is love.


The other two items that were to-die-for was the thin-cut Pappadums and deep-fried Bittergourd.

Pappadums are the ultimate snack food. The ones shown here were freshly made and were delicious and no one can really stop at one. It is as close to fried bacon rinds as you can get for a vegetarian snack. Crispy, fragrant and savoury. This blog can finish the bowl by itself.


The deep-fried Bittergourd is very hard to find in Singapore. Really crispy and good ones are rarer still. The ones shown here are so good that my camera went out-of-focus.

Actually, to prepare this is labour-intensive, but quite simple. Basically, slice up bittergourd, sprinkle salt with curry powder and leave to dry in the sun. Upon drying, store into an air-tight container and keep in the fridge. Any time you need a snack, just bring it out and deep fry.

Instant goodness. 😉

The thing about Indian food is that this blog tends to overestimate it’s capacity. In another words, this blog loves Indian food. Especially curry.

RIMG0039 RIMG0043 RIMG0041 RIMG0044

However, the one thing that this blog avoided that night was the deadly-looking fried chili. Talking about suicide is one thing, actually attempting it is another.


No. This blog has decided it shall not contribute further to global warming by ingesting said deadly… ummm… condiment? Besides, weren’t we told that additives can be harmful to health?

Moving along, dessert came. For those who are in the know, dinner here is always followed by excellent dessert in the form of baked items.

This is the baker that spoiled baked goods for this blog. The benchmark to which all are measured against. It is that good.

RIMG0057 RIMG0058 RIMG0060 RIMG0065

And we were not disappointed. The Brownies and Lemon Cake were silently consumed by a worshipful crowd and washed down reverently by Grappa.

It was truly a memorable dinner. You know it’s good curry when you wake up at 4am with heartburn. 😛


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