Lunch Bunch at Iggy’s

collageIggy’s is a horrible horrible place. The dimly lit brown and beige interior with warmly lit tables are a terrible place to take photos with a dinky point-and-shoot digital camera.

With friendly service staff that constantly disturb the tranquility of a shot by offering baskets full of baked goods to this busy blog who is busy trying to coax a camera to obtain a decent focus, it is no wonder that this blog would have to invest in a high-end Canon Ixus that everyone is carrying around these days just to take decent photos.


Other than that, Iggy’s is a wonderful place to have lunch with friends and other like-minded people with its warm lighting and comfortable Earth colours.

As I happened to be on leave that day, which meant attending a morning meeting and working later in the night, I arrived slightly early. However I was soon joined by four other ladies with a fierce passion for food. Blogging is just an incidental side effect.

The lunch menu at Iggy’s is quite comprehensive. A 3-course set lunch ($45+++) came with a choice of seven appetizers, five main course options and five different desserts to finish the meal. There is a 5-course lunch ($75+++) available, but it seemed too decadent and elitist for a weekday meal.

An amuse-bouche of tofu in pumpkin and sesame sauce greeted us after we placed our orders. It is traditionally a small bite presented as a greeting from the Chef and to introduce us to his approach to food.

RIMG0073 RIMG0074

Flavourful and slightly sweet, the Chef seems to be playing it safe with traditional flavours but mixing it up with the textures.

There were squeals of horror as the Squid Ink Cappellini arrived. It was basically normal Cappellini pasta drenched in black sauce. It was not squid ink pasta; this is squid ink pasta.

RIMG0082 RIMG0089

The roasted tomato soup with garlic and extra virgin olive oil fared better. Coarse-blended, which I like, it had a good texture that was delicious. And I believe some truffle oil was added to enhance the wonderful aroma further.

What amazed me was the char-grilled watermelon salad; how does one char-grill a juicy fruit?

It sounds like a pagan cult ceremony of vegetarians (“Oh Lord, we gift unto thee this sacrificial watermelon with its Alfalfan Crown of Atonement…”)

RIMG0080 RIMG0076

The last photo is an indication of just how the lighting basically kills any camera that is not a DSLR or at least does not have the latest Canon Ixus brand. Can you see her waving? 😉

Selecting the main course was hard; there were many interesting things on it. I was torn between selecting the Wagyu Hamburger and the Wagyu Striploin while secretly hoping that there would be a Wagyu Ribeye special that the waiter was just printing out.

To my delight and relief, my dear friend Umami ordered the Striploin. I was relieved as hamburger, however good, is a sinful waste of good Wagyu beef. I can now order it without fear or favour.

RIMG0093 RIMG0095

It came out char-grilled, flavourful and good. Our only complaint was the size was too small for the additional $30+++.


The other ladies ordered the Wagyu Goulash (“Wagyu beef stew with home-made spatzle”), the humorous Pan-fried crispy seabass with eggplant caviar and tomato confit and the Iggy’s Burger (“Home-made Wagyu beef burger with white truffle sabayon”).

Dessert was most enjoyable as we all shared and got to sample everything. I think we all agreed that the best tasting dessert was the exotic Bellini (“Champagne jelly and sorbet with fresh peach and elderflower foam”).


I agree with SKE, the Panna Cotta was rubbery concoction, but the accompanying basil ice-cream was a good palate cleanser.

Iggy’s occupies a small corner at The Regent Hotel; a nice place with good service to have lunch. It would be prudent to make reservations in advance as it fills up quite quickly.

I can still taste the Wagyu Striploin…


It was a great lunch where everyone was very relaxed and the conversation was fun and animated punctuated with comfortable silences.

It ended with plans for the next lunch, an enlarged guest list and a name for this gathering of lunchtime Lucullans.

(One Small: If you are reading this, send me an email as we need to do some coordination)

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yixiao commented on November 18, 2006 at 5:52 pm

just drop me a line! lunch on a weekday perhaps? » Blog Archive » Lunch at Ikkukan commented on December 12, 2006 at 9:04 am

[…] It’s been a long time since my darling friends and I had lunch together, so it was with alacrity that another one was set up and agreed upon. This time it was to be Ikkukan. […]

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