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collagePatrick of Azhang serves really good chicken wings. But because it was very long week, I was not too keen to keep late nights especially on a weekday. Ok, it was a Friday but I had errands to run.

You do realize I am giving a lot of excuses right? Anyway, I stopped and signed up for it because I found out that my friend Ai Ling was performing that night. I even called up the whole gang and signed them up. Unfortunately, the house was full, but Patrick was game enough to squeeze us all in to the lounge area.

We arrived early. Too early in fact, so we went for a walk down Mohamed Sultan Road. It’s becoming a food street. Next to the Italians, Japanese restaurants are fast becoming ubiquitous. Anyway, we picked out a nice bottle of wine to share.

Things were being set up as we returned. Food was served a little later than we expected because I think Patrick was overwhelmed by the crowd. But it was all good. In fact, the pork balls were great.


The problem with them was that they were snapped up pretty damn quick by the hungry hordes. When I managed to get some, they were sweet, piping hot and the mustard added an extra zing to it. Normally, I prefer hot English mustard over the Grey Poupon, but this night, it worked for me.

Also, did any one discover the beef balls that were sneaked in after everyone was done?


We had beef balls!

Patience is a virtue, but greed and a sharp pair of eyes beats it every time. Experienced diners at Azhang have long learnt that being polite and letting every one get their share means everyone will get their share except you. 😉

Anyway, other finger food included the pork ribs glazed with honey. It was a little thin, but lip-smackingly good.


And loads of Chye Sim, I think (look, it’s green and leafy; that’s all you need to know), and a light, almost ethereal, sprinkling of bacon.


And of course, the famed chicken wings. This was done differently from the last time I had it which was honey-glazed (my absolute favourite way of doing wings). This time, they were salted (my absolute favourite way of doing wings). Oh yes, they were huge.

My only regret was that I only got to taste one of each type and I did not get to finish them as a) I was whisked away for a shoot and b) I was whisked away to say hi to people.

Must get my revenge. Some day…


There was a mutton curry which I felt was a solid piece because it lined my stomach for hours on end. It was very very spicy.


Finally came the Corned Beef Fried Rice with Roasted Sweet Corn. I first had this a while back. We were given a tablespoon full each after dessert. Naturally, I insisted that Patrick must serve this at Jazz night.


I am glad he did. And I am sure a lot of people were glad too. I mean, check out the roasted corn. Look at the Corned Beef!

Of course, attending a Jazz night and talking about food is sort of missing the point. There were basically 3 groups of performers: a Jazz duo, a R&B duo and a Rock duo.


The Jazz duo was excellent. Angie had a great voice and we were grooving to their improvisations. The easy casual performance belie their virtuosity.

The Rock duo did an acoustic set of Prince, Rolling Stones and U2 classics that had everyone singing, stomping and dancing. The unplugged music did not dampen the need for head-banging.


And yes, while this blog hesitates from using the term as there is something “So Last Millenium” about it, Hinata exclaimed that someone was also “vogue-ing”.


The R&B Duo was complaining that we know only the first line of the chorus to Besame Mucho, all I can say was they were playing slightly off-key and off-beat, so it was painful to do anything else. And yes, there was murder at the high Cs.

Moving along, we all had a great time. I bumped into an old friend of an ex-friend who was seated at a table with another blogger. Go visit, he has great pictures.

Speaking of tables, there were whispered comments amongst the younger folk about how we were the noisest table.


That’s what living life to the fullest means; make a happy sound, make it loud and make it count. Standing around applauding politely is usually reserved for kindergarten graduations.

Besides, we had excellent wines that night. Great food, excellent wines make an excellent combination. The pacing of the food was great and Azhang made a valiant and successful effort in keeping everyone happy and fed.

Some one was surprised that with the alcohol and food that we consumed, she was still sober and not at all stuffed. That’s the hallmark of a great time.


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hinata commented on December 8, 2006 at 12:17 pm

Hey kenah sabo-ed! I’m his biggest fan, ok? 🙂

P.S. If memory serves me correctly, the ribs were lamb and the veg was kailan… but who cares when there’s wine and it all tastes so good anyway 🙂


vinomakan commented on July 4, 2007 at 11:29 am

What a fantastic experience!! I also love the music of Prince, the Stones and U2…. must join you the next time, otherwise my life will never be complete.



Ivan commented on July 4, 2007 at 2:29 pm

@vinomakan: Oh yes, a real head-banging experience!

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