Last Makankaki dinner of 2006

[This is a potty-mouthed entry that can be regarded as NC-17 in some places where it’s legal to have sex but swearwords are a no-no. I rarely use them but on this occasion, but it felt right. Besides, some of it is verbatim.]

collage1“So you speak French?” said the plump man to the unfortunate lady who uttered a little French. “People who speak French can curl their R’s very well,” he continued, licking his lips, as people on the table looked on, horrified at the predictable ending. “People who can do that give great blowjobs,” he as smiled at her. The fat man finished with a wink and a grin to the young man sitting across the young lady, “I speak French too.”

Inquired the same fat man after a while, as his wife looked on, to the same beleaguered lady, “Why do you take so many pictures?”

“It’s because my hands shake a lot,” she unwittingly repiled.

“Oooh! Did you hear that? Her hands like to shake a lot!” hooted the plus-sized man as he mimed with his fist shaking up and down in the air at the embarassed young man as the young lady looked away blushing.

Closet homosexuality (blowjobs and handjobs; oh yes, that tubby bitch is all about the cock) aside, the final Makankaki dinner of 2006 at Zambuca of the Pan Pacific Hotel was an excellent dinner that, curiously, very few people talk about.

IMG_0014It all started with drinks and pastry at the lounge bar. I like this bar because it served a decent Bloody Mary with an actual Celery stick. I am very particular about the Celery stick. It’s so hard to find a bar that does not serve Bloody Mary out of a can, so I concentrate on the Celery. It’s the one thing left that I use as a benchmark on the bartender’s standards. Anyway, my table decided to meet up a little early, have drinks and troop in together. The lemon tartlet was excellent; not too sweet with just the right tartness.

We were surprised at the generosity of Zambuca to host a 5-course dinner for more than a hundred people at such a low price. There were a few calls and emails concerned about whether the restaurant could scale to such a crowd and maintain quality. I passed on the concern and was reassured that they could.

IMG_0047 IMG_0046

Just like the time we were at Hanabi, there was a lot of love as old friends mingled and strolled from table to table and I, by virtue of sitting next to the stairs, became wine central. It’s a good thing.

In addition to the set menu, I ordered two plates of squid-ink pasta to share as I was told it was a house specialty. It turned out a little cold and while the pasta was a little too hard for some of the people on the table, I enjoyed the cold, sweet and hard pasta.


All in all, I really enjoyed dinner that night. The combination of food, wine and song with friends was just right and great fellowship is what the Makankakis are all about.

Then again, we all avoided the sexual harassments of that chubby cockboy.


Posted on 5th Feb 2007 in Food and Drink, Italian, Makankaki


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gurge commented on February 5, 2007 at 11:54 pm

ah! i recognise the girl in black. KC girl right? 😉 she wasn’t in my class though.


Ivan commented on February 6, 2007 at 12:46 am

There are plenty girls in black in the photo. Only KC I know is with the Sunshine Band though. 😉

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