It’s Part One of the Scrumptious Singapore 2007!

Kong Ba Pau

“She moaned with heightened pleasure as his big rough hand roamed her mounds like an antelope leaping from peak to peak. Her lips trembled when a gasp escaped as he penetrated the wet quivering folds with his glorious purple crown into her inner sanctum of love.”

This blog read once that sex and food go hand in hand and was told by a famous blogger that peppering blog entries with sexual or vaguely pornographic terms increases page visits. Looking around in the blogosphere, this blog has to agree; besides, the old Recent Runes had a large amount of hits from the keywords “Lesbian Budak Malaysia”.

Thankfully, it is not so frequent now.

In any case, if all is true, this entry should get plenty of hits. From, um… people. I hope. Then again, this blog can only hope that new visitors aren’t too disappointed; no sex porn – some say there’s lots of Food Porn though – but there’s some good eating to be found here.

Anyway, this blog received an email from Dim Sum Dolly, a blogger who does not need to dress up as a wanton school girl on a beach to be popular. She said that Cha Xiu Bao will be coming to Singapore for a very brief visit and wants at least two breakfasts.

And she’s dreaming of the fabulous Golden Crispy Squid from My Mum’s Place.

Golden Crispy Squid

I mean who doesn’t?

My Mum’s Place is a nice little family restaurant on Joo Chiat. Shirley’s restaurant had recently gotten a lot of media exposure but fame has not gotten to their heads. It is still a nice family restaurant where people can come and have good food in a casual dining environment.

Shirley, for the dinner, also arranged for her Pig’s Trotters in Black Vinegar and a special Wolfberry Leaves soup which is not available on her menu.

The soup came piping hot and the thick leaves had a very woody, herbal taste that was balanced somewhat by the egg in what this blog suspects is Ikan Bilis stock.

Wolfberry Leaf Soup

Americans may be fooled into thinking that this is the ubiquitous Egg Drop Soup with Seaweed found in the numerous Chinese restaurants in the United States. But no, this is different; no MSG for one thing.

The pig’s trotters in black vinegar was a little too light for my taste. This blog is more partial to the powerfully fragrant version.

Pig Trotters in Black Vinegar

There were lots of food, but we were joined by HK Foodie, Joone! Hinata, a published food writer and friends. So we made short work of what laid before us.

Oh yes, we all got to see what the Shark’s Fin Melon looks like.

Shark's Fin Melon

Oh my, that’s a big melon.

Of course, before the dinner at My Mum’s Place, there is the pre-dinner meal. This is because we arrived early in Joo Chiat to take a stroll. Joo Chiat is a very interesting place with lot’s of history and food joints. We had fun looking at the printouts of reviews from other food bloggers that we are familiar with.

Some bloggers, whose tastebuds are questionable, we take as Warning Labels and avoid the “recommended” place. It does no good to embarass ourselves by taking a visitor to such a place.

However, when friends who have been living in Joo Chiat for decades recommend a food place, you know it has to be outstanding. Lau (Old) Hock Kee is one of the better Bak Kut Teh’s on Joo Chiat.


We were greeted warmly by the staff and had fun playing the Turistes, oohing and aahing at the masterful way the firm and tender pork ribs were handled by the strong arms of the man.

Piping Hot Peppery Goodness RIMG0009

Seriously peppery, sweat coursed sinously down our backs as we sampled the powerful broth of Bak Kut Teh. And as we nuzzled the sweet ribs, the flesh slid cleanly off the bone.

The soup was replenished continously without asking to keep the meat warm (and moist). There are some shops that charge for this service. At Old Hock Kee, it’s complimentary.

Of course, no Bak Kut Teh visit is complete without a round or two of the strong Tit (Har!) Kuan Ying tea. This strong, concentrated sweetness provided a cleansing effect from the savoury soup that was refreshing as the strong Tannins cleared our throats.


Thus sated, we began plotting the next day of wanton ravishing. And the two breakfasts.

Stay tuned as the great Scrumptious Singapore 2007 tour continues where in the next episode we shall learn of the Dreadful Mountains of Ice and Palm Sugar, the Love of a Michelin Man, Hot Sauces & Transvestites and the Confounding Swinging Lights of Mesmer!

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carrie commented on May 16, 2007 at 8:56 am

I go to my mum’s place too and it is within walking distance. Let me know when you’re next going down ! I never go in a big enought party to order a large variety of dishes. Also more food porn please.


Ivan commented on May 20, 2007 at 4:46 am

Yup! Yup! Let’s see if we can get the gang together for a dinner there.

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