Food Bloggers Dinner 2007

Can You See The Light?

“Are we called ‘Floggers’?”

A food blogger attending the 3rd Annual Food Bloggers Dinner at Le Papillon was asking everyone. Personally, I am uncomfortable with the term as it sounds as if we also flog fake watches on the street. The term is also associated to fake bloggers as well as people who play a specialist role catering to a niche segment of the Negotiable Love industry.

This year there was an overwhelming number of bloggers attending the dinner. Non-bloggers (and self-declared foodies) as well, which was surprising since this was a dinner for food bloggers. Mere foodies will not understand the level of intensity and love food bloggers have. Foodies however, can start here. 😉

This blog was really tired after a long week and a long but great dinner with old friends. I was glad that dinner started immediately after registration and a brief opening welcome speech. It was fun to sit with people whose blogs you read and to finally put faces behind the blogs.


I was seated with Yixiao of Some Like It Haute, Daphne of Kitchen Crazy Daffy, Sook of Sooks Food Notes, Colin and Weylin of Only Slightly Pretentious Food and Shunman of the freshly minted Uniquely Random.

We had fun deconstructing the different ingredients from the courses served by Chef Anderson Ho of Le Papillon. Did anyone taste the goat cheese in the pesto of the Amuse Bouche? It was refreshingly amoo-sing.


There were some negative comments about the Scallop Carpaccio and Barracuda mousse with Miso cream. Initially I was told that Chef Anderson would just leave off the Scallop and give me a double portion of the Barracuda mousse. I have said it once and I will say it again, sometimes not being too enthusiastic about seafood has its advantages: my Barracuda mousse with Miso cream and Beetroot slices was outstanding.


Normally, most Chefs would just leave off the Scallops but this was almost an entirely new dish. Cold, sweet creamy Barracuda counterpointed with tangy (pickled, I think) crisp slices of Beetroot drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I must say the integration of flavours was beautiful. And I like Chef Anderson who cared enough to make this a special course for me.

The other outstanding course was the Jasmine tea perfumed duck consomme with Foie Gras Tortellini. This was done with the famous Fiji Water who kindly provided the drinking water for the night. While I could not taste the Jasmine (perhaps it’s a Zen thing), however it was my favourite course of the night. Even Chef Anderson was impressed at how the Tiny Tortellini filled with Foie Gras erupts in a huge explosion of flavour in the mouth.

Maybe some day I will taste the Jasmine.


By this time, we were trading funny stories of encounters with strange people via our blog. The funniest of these was Ikemen, a wannabe Wasabi fancier who went to – I am not making this up – every blog that raved about Kaisan and posted the same comment. On every blog. Umami, whose presence is sorely missed, had the best riposte.

Of course, this was not the funny part. The funny part was Ikemen, with his infinite charm, tried to “pick up” a fellow blogger by impressing her with the allure of Kaisan and inviting her and – I am STILL not making this up – her AMEX card to a dinner there.


Wherever we go, we should always represent, according to a famous actress whose name I cannot recall. As such no Food Bloggers’ Dinner is complete without the complement of sponsors like Cathay Photo, RazorSharp who sponsored lucky draw gifts and gift vouchers for Cuispro, Wusthoff and Calphalon, all kindly arranged by Aun of Chubby Hubby, who was away, alas. Fiji Water was also out in force as the drinking water and the key ingredient for one of the courses.


And speaking of gifts, the lucky draw for food bloggers was also pretty funny. I was talking at the start of dinner about how I needed a Dutch Oven for a recipe I found for roast pork loin in spiced milk and Weylin (Colin’s sister) was talking about having a potluck at her place for next year’s Food Bloggers’ Dinner. And lo and behold…


And when it came to drawing who will organize next year’s FBD, all I can say is: “See you all at Colin’s place next year!”

I am lamenting the fact that I did not wish for a million dollars just before the lucky draw.


Dinner was organized by Joone! of Nibble & Scribble who worked hard at planning this success. Chef Anderson Ho was asked to do a menu to showcase his specialities within a small budget of $60 nett per person. I must say that he did well. Like all large dinners, it takes a lot of effort for a small team to accomplish well, the quality may slip a little but before you tap out a review, you need to ask yourself how you would perform if you were cooking.

Can you even cook?

This segues in nicely to another story I related about a food blogger who likes to write reviews of restaurants; he likes to comment on how a Chef should have done a particular dish. This lack of courtesy raised several eyebrows but the punchline here was his concept of “Wok Hei” for noodles is to – I swear I am really not making this up – actually burn and char them.

I attended the dinner, (and hopefully many more to come), with no expectations other than to be in the wonderful company of Food Bloggers. I really wanted to but I did not walk around to introduce myself and talk to the other bloggers whom I read because the work week was really long and my get-up-and-go had already got up and went.

In any case, I enjoyed the dinner and we rounded off the evening by watching the movie Ratatouille at Cathay Cineleisure where the Hongkong Cafe’s Pork Chop Rice sucked ass because it came cold, flavourless and overdone (how’s that for a “review” eh?) Not a big deal as we all started to arrange lunches and dinners for the future.

Coming soon, in stunning digital format, to a blog near you.


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bottomless pit commented on September 5, 2007 at 2:13 am

Hi Ivan,

Nice putting a face to your blog, even though i didn’t get a chance to talk to you but yes i read your blog very often. Keep up with the posts, especially the dead cow ones…. !


Ivan commented on September 5, 2007 at 10:32 am

@bottomless pit: Hi! Thanks for reading, I hope this blog has not been too great a disappointment. Actually, I wonder how you get the time, so many blogs too little time!


keropokman commented on September 5, 2007 at 12:35 pm

We at the other end of the table was wondering who different people are on the very long table.

Now we know….
Oops you are now know as the ‘won the dutch oven guy’. 🙂


Ivan commented on September 5, 2007 at 3:35 pm

@keropokman: Well, I did say hi remember? While you were registering. 😉


chocolate reindeer commented on September 5, 2007 at 4:21 pm

Hi Ivan,

I do read your blog and I did recognise you when I sat down. I would have liked to introduce myself but I was seated on the other end, and my hands were full with my 2-year-old. Glad you won the pot, I am sure it will come in handy for the roast pork loin dish and your various culinary adventures.


Ivan commented on September 5, 2007 at 6:10 pm

@chocolate reindeer: Hey Zen! Saw the cute baby. 😉

Thanks, now that I have won the pot, it is now time to be one with the pot. ;P


sooks commented on September 5, 2007 at 9:38 pm

dinner was really fun that night wasn’t it? Couldn’t believe that time had flown by so quickly since our first meeting last year. I’m sure that there would be more great and amusing stories to share next year. Til then..


bottomless pit commented on September 7, 2007 at 1:00 am

The blog has never disappointed,so don’t worry about it. Time is never a problem to engage in pleasurable activities, just like eating. Keep up the nice pics and hopefully a post on the dutch oven soon…..


daffy commented on September 8, 2007 at 2:29 pm

Sigh, you still posted that horrendous photo! I look swollen from your Tokay!
But it was worth it. 🙂


Ivan commented on September 10, 2007 at 1:18 am

@daffy: It’s a nice photo. Glad you liked the Tokay. 😉

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