Tuna Wasbi Pizza At The Four Seasons Bali

Four Seasons Bali

It all started when one of our friends was talking about how her daughter was raving about the Tuna Wasabi Pizza at the Four Seasons Bali and how the daughter, a frequent guest at the hotel, would make it a point to have the pizza every time she visits.

Now, normally this blog is not given to profound piscine ponderings, but this sounded very intriguing.

If you were asked where do the fantastically rich and fabulously famous stay when they go to Bali, you would be tempted to answer the Four Seasons Bali. This beautifully-landscaped hotel is tucked away in a secluded part of Bali. The entrance to the hotel itself provides a breath-taking vista that can only be fully appreciated with the judicious application of a artsy-fart classy software Selenium Filter.


Last “special effect” photo, I promise.

Anyway, we walked down to the pool area which was facing a fast-running river where occasionally folk will careen amongst the rapids in canoes screaming in an attempt to get close to Nature and their inner self as described in self-help books written by authors in a comfortable, dry and temperature-controlled rooms far far away.

My First Attempt At Long Exposure

That was a fracking handheld attempt at a Long Exposure shot by the way.

I must note here that the service staff at the pool area was fantastically friendly and most accommodating; carrying tables and whatnot to seat our party. Unfortunately, this was where a lady seated at the next table suddenly insisted, in front of us and while the service staff were busy moving chairs for us, to be seated away from us. This was most astonishing because she wasn’t Singaporean.

Cocktails were ordered along with the Tuna Wasabi Pizza. My Mojito is best described as a bunch of leaves in a cold, slightly citrus water.

And here’s the famed Tuna Wasabi Pizza.

Tuna Wasbi Pizza

The crust was wood-fired and the tuna was seared and placed with pickled Ginger on a bed of Wasabi. Unfortunately, the whole thing was a mess of damp crust and flavorless Tuna that was completely overwhelmed by the pickled Ginger.

Our friend apologized for the recommendation, but we wouldn’t hear of it. It was not her fault and this was a good learning experience.

Prices were eyebrow-raising as we just had a fabulous lunch (details coming soon) for 8 that cost about the same as the 4 cocktails and one pizza.

Tuna Wasbi Pizza

It was an unfortunately bad experience for us as the hotel itself is stunningly gorgeous; a statement for Man’s triumphant mastery over Nature.


So where do the fantastically rich and fabulously famous stay when they go to Bali?

Private villas, of course. The simplement riche stay at the Four Seasons Bali, and mere tourists like this blog go there to experience what it’s like to be sneered at.


Posted on 25th May 2008 in Fusion, Italian, Japanese


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Camemberu commented on May 27, 2008 at 1:50 pm

The place looks very pretty! Pity about the pizza…

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