Pampas The Agentin Steakhouse In Budapest

Jamon Iberico

Dining alone in a foreign land has its advantages; for one, you do not have to pander to the tastes and budgets of others. This time I found myself in an excellent boutique hotel that is situated near some of the best restaurants in Budapest, Hungary.

Pampas has been widely reviewed by The Budapest Times, Fordor’s and Trip Advisor as well as other prominent travel and food blogs. So what did this Singaporean Food Blogger think about it?

It was after a 8-hour meeting that I finally emerged from my hotel refreshed from a long shower and very hungry. I had been waiting all day for this dinner. Actually, I’ve been planning this ever since I was driven past the restaurant on the way to my hotel.

The interior is dark and warm, the perfect refuge from the brisk outdoors. I was thankful that it was tastefully decorated and not by someone trying to communicate the concept of “rustic charm” by nailing random farmyard & kitchen implements to the wall.


A quick look at the wine menu – It is almost unknown not to have wine with your meal in Europe; people will actually stare – and I ordered a glass of the wonderfully crisp White Furmint wine to start. Furmint seems to be almost native to Hungary and is the grape used principally in the making of their fabulous Tokaji wines.

The menu at Pampas is a dangerous object to brandish in front of a hungry food blogger. Just the words “Angus”, “Aged” and “Beef” were enough to start me salivating. All beef in Pampas, according to the newspapers and associated literature, are imported from Argentina. This in my opinion is one of the finest beef in the world, right up there with the Aberdeen Angus, unfortunately both are unavailable in Singapore.

Of course, one must always start with the Jamon Iberico which is still not widely available in Singapore. I took it the Spanish way with a clove of garlic, crusty bread and good Olive oil. As this was an Argentinian restaurant in Hungary, this was not how they served it. Nevertheless, they were good sports and accommodated me.

Jamon Iberico

This blog was delighted when the lamb ragout was placed in front of him. This order was a gamble because I wasn’t very hungry, but there’s something about the dish “Lamb Ragout” that called out to me.

It came in a creamy stew-looking concoction with a wedge of lemon. I am not sure if this is a sign that no cream was used in the ragout.

Lamb Ragout

Of course, all thoughts about the lemon and curds mystery disappeared as I dipped my spoon in and stirred. It was everything that I hoped for in a ragout; soft vegetables, thick but tender chunks of flavorful meat.

It does not get any better than this.


So how was the steak in the Argentine Steakhouse? I was a little underwhelmed by the portions available, so I chose the biggest available (480g). Then came the cut of meat. I was looking at the rib eye, but in the end I thought the more flavorful short loin or New York Strip would do more justice to the Argentinian beef.

And to accompany the steak, I had a glass of Cab Sauv from the Villány wine region, it was full-bodied and fruity, not very complex but with some tannin which is just perfect for a full-flavored steak.

I find most of the wines from the Villány wine region very drinkable and a good company to (where else?) Hungarian food.

New York Strip (480g)

I ordered rare, but alas, they brought it out medium. But at this time I was too tired and still hungry to send the order back. Besides, beef this good is usually very tolerant of mistakes.

I was right. The sweet, slightly liverish flavor was still there. Not much more to write about other than it was delicious and the cow fulfilled its destiny.

New York Strip (480g)

Pampas is considered one of the premier steakhouses in Budapest. The prices reflect that consideration but the value that I get in return is worth it. Service is good and considerate. Most upmarket restaurants in Budapest have service staff that understand English and all have menus in English, so that’s not much of a problem.

I enjoyed myself tremendously and was happy and sated as I stumbled back to my hotel room for a good night’s rest. There’s nothing like a fortifying steak after a long day’s trek through a swampy forest.

Pampas Argentin Steakhouse is at 1056 Budapest, Vámház körút 6


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