Thanksgiving At The Keisman’s 2008


It was the Keisman’s that invited me to my first Thanksgiving dinner ever a few years ago. They are one of the most adventurous couple that I’ve ever met.

With new additions to the family, this year’s Thanksgiving proved to be a bigger party compared to previous years. Anyway, you must have been anxious to find out, since I last posted about it, what they would taste like, so I’ll skip the rest go straight to the tasting…

…of bacon. Yes, we had organic Wagyu bacon, veal bacon and bacon from Tescos (Taiwan).

Veal & Wagyu Bacon
2008Nov28-GG-13          2008Nov28-GG-20

We found the Wagyu bacon to be too salty to taste much of the beef. The veal bacon came closest to real bacon, but I found it to be thick and hard. The Tesco’s bacon was the best of them all, I guess no matter where you get it, real bacon is still the best tasting bacon.

The turkey this year was a ginormous 13lbs (5Kg) free-range monster lugged back from Australia by Maritza. Over the years, they have gone through a lot of different recipes and they’ve finally settled on one and have fine-tuned it.


Actually, there were 3 turkeys served at this dinner. Special mention must made of the Gravy which was the work of a few days, a whole lot of root vegetables and two turkeys.

And how were the pies?


Well, there was a Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie Competition between JM’s recipe and Jeremy’s traditional recipe which I love very very much. Jeremy’s was at a handicap because it was only given 3 days to age, so the sour mash flavors didn’t have enough time to integrate fully. JM’s was sweeter and lighter but it lost – I was asked to judge because, somehow I was appointed the expert on Jack Daniel’s Pecan Pie – because it lacked that punch of the traditional. And no, this is not a hidden commentary about age vs. beauty.

The rest of the pies were superb though. I was rather disappointed that I could only manage a slice of each (that’s 11 slices, mind you).


The Ginger Pumpkin pie was so delicately spiced that it was joy to just to sniff, definitely my favorite pie of the night. The Brandied Butterscotch Pie was definitely my favorite pie of the night as it was light as a mousse and you could get drunk just from the fumes of my favorite of the night, the extremely elegant Whiskey pecan & raisin cake.

The Peach Pie came out too wet and soupy so Jeremy didn’t serve it, but I snagged a big slice, deary me, it was my favorite pie of the night. For once, Jeremy did a fruit pie that was not mouth-puckeringly tart.

Peach Pie

It was a great Thanksgiving dinner. The Keisman’s have always been ever so generous with their time, talent and hospitality. For this, we give thanks.


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Jeff commented on December 28, 2008 at 12:12 pm

Ivan you did not emphasise the organic nature of the turkey.
Maritza took great pains to make sure it was organic.
The turkey was delicious. Especially the dark meat.
As usual Jeremy cooked too much food (not complaining, mind you). But I did have a deep regret of not being able to ‘taste’ every pie….:-(

The real bacon was from Costco in Taiwan.


James commented on December 29, 2008 at 5:30 pm

Hey Ivan, you had two favorite pies of the night? The Ginger Pumpkin Pie and the Peach Pie? 🙂


Ivan commented on December 29, 2008 at 10:47 pm

@James: They are all my favorites. 🙂

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