A Krug Sunday At The St. Regis


If you are going to drink Champagne in an elegant setting, it has to be none other than with Krug with its elegantly creamy bubbles and masculine robustness. I can hardly think of a more pleasant way to spend a lazy Sunday with friends.

We were invited by a wine merchant to this brunch as they were serving the Krug Grande Cuvee in Magnums. As everyone knows, Champagne served from Magnums and larger bottles always taste fresher and better than the normal bottles.

The St. Regis also offered, as an alternative, the Moet & Chandon Vintage 2000, but really…

I Have A Magnum And I Am Not Afraid To Drink It!

This blog was denied the opportunity to take photos of the elegant settings at Le Saveurs during his last visit to the St. Regis for fear of disturbing the guests, so this time, I slipped in early to snap a few shots while the staff were still setting things up and the guests were having a go at the Champagne.

I missed a few glasses of Krug to take these shots; thus I suffer for my art.


The brunch works differently from most places in that while there is an open buffet and there are warm food circulating around straight from the kitchen, you are also able to order a main course from the menu.

Of the buffet spread and warm food, I was most impressed with the Parma harm which was sliced so thinly that it was almost translucent with the mesmerizing fat. The Foie Gras Brulee was such a pleasant surprise that I made repeated requests for it. And of course, the roast Kurobuta pork was a familiar favorite, but I wasn’t too enamored by it anymore.

Look At The Fat!          2008Sep28-Krug-67
Foie Gras Brulee          2008Sep28-Krug-54

The prawn noodles looked deadly but the fried beef noodles were outstandingly good for a buffet. The oatmeal prawn looked beautiful and the lobster was a little difficult to eat. The oysters were not very interesting though but that’s because I’ve had much better.

And for the main course, all of us went for the Grilled Black Angus Beef Rib-eye because, personally, I couldn’t believe the great value.

2008Sep28-Krug-57          2008Sep28-Krug-80
Fried Beef Noodles          2008Sep28-Krug-75

It was one of the worst steaks I’ve tasted; there was simply no flavor, even boiled beef has more flavor. This nicely cooked steak was tasteless. I kept quiet about it because, unless pressed for it or there is some immediate risk involved, I usually keep my comments private at a tasting. Besides I was enjoying the Krug.


It was only when Florence leaned over and whispered that she thinks that this was the most tasteless Black Angus she’s ever had, the whole table spoke up and agreed.

I can’t remember how it happened, but the Chef was informed about it and came out to offer to replace everyone’s steak. With him standing with his arms folded, we thought it was best not to drag the issue out as we were already quite full and there was more Krug to be drunk. He left and soon after a plate of lamb chops appeared at our table. Let’s just say that I didn’t bother to take a photo of it and leave it at that.

Wedge          2008Sep28-Krug-34
Peek-a-boo!          2008Sep28-Krug-20

What I did take photos of were the Macarons. I’ve never been a fan of these overly sweet confections until Weylin introduced me to Karen, which got me hooked on her salty caramel Macarons which unfortunately, till this day, I am unable to get more.

I’m not really a dessert confectionery type of guy but I must say that other than the Macarons, the rest of the dessert spread, while looking good, wasn’t too exciting.

2008Sep28-Krug-26          2008Sep28-Krug-22

What more is there to say about a pleasant afternoon spent with dear old friends and Champagne? The service was impeccable, the setting was elegant and we drank our fill of Krug.

Never mind the food because as it is often said, Champagne cures all ills.


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Camemberu commented on January 8, 2009 at 2:08 am

Yes, I see what you mean. =)


Foodies Queen commented on January 11, 2009 at 11:58 pm

Wow…nice pics!


Ivan commented on January 13, 2009 at 10:43 am

@Foodies Queen: Thanks! The lighting was good to me.

@Camemberu: Yah!


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