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La Fromagerie on Mohamed Sultan is so popular that two flickr members bicker, amongst other things, over it to the point of banning each other from their personal flickr repository. Maybe someone should form an Society For People With Too Much Time On Their Hands (Singapore) to save us from the manipulations and the tyranny of the inane, foreign or domestic.

Anyway, I was hoping to visit Azhang but my small appetite drove us to pick La Fromagerie although the response to my suggestion of a cheese fondue was a “Hell no”, but not in so many words.

I had some time to peruse the cheese-friendly wine list and decided on a German Gewürztraminer mainly because I desired something aromatic yet crisp to cut through the heavy cheese and meats. There was a German Riesling (my favorite white wine for cooking) but in the end, I felt the aromatic would be more desirable especially when I saw there was French Onion Soup on the menu.

La Fromagerie offered a solo cheese platter with a selection of 6 different cheeses at 100g each, so I requested a duo serving portion, trusting the cheese expert to delight our senses.

It turned out to be an uninspiring selection of cheeses. There was no theme or natural progression (other than light to heavy) of the selection. We abandoned the cheese platter after a while.

Le Cheese Platter

The French Onion soup is a usually a done deal for us. I love French Onion Soup with its silky sweet aromatic liquor contrasted by a smooth melted Gruyere. I use Tommy Lam’s Cafe de Amigo as my benchmark (his Lobster Bisque is also hard to beat).

The French Onion Soup at La Fromagerie disappointed. They got the cheese part right but it went downhill from there. The cheese was melted on top of a thick slice of bread that one had to masticate in order to get to the soup; which I wish I didn’t.

I have never tasted French Onion Soup so bland and lacking in body. Our guess was that the onions weren’t caramelized properly and there wasn’t (if any) red wine to provide the body. And I can only speculate at the kind of stock they use. Perhaps the soup was hurriedly assembled.

In any case, we added a lot of sea salt but even the Gewürztraminer could not save the dismal dish that was also abandoned after a few spoonfuls.

French Onion Soup

And there was the Charcuterie. Granted I had visions of the standard Charcuterie trolley laden with hams, sausages and other preserved meat that smell of sweaty feet after a day in the stifling heat.

But I braced myself to be disappointed just in case. Actually, it was decent. My only complaint was that the platter was served too warm. The Duck Rillette was served too warm. Yes, it’s supposed to be served at room temperature, but which country and what season? Did they take global warming into consideration? Definitely not Singapore at such humidity. The fat had turned into a slimy liquid and the duck was severely under-salted. Slimy and bland; alas.

And the pate was a little to rustic for me, meaning it was very coarse, but nothing the pickled onions couldn’t overcome.


What we liked was the Croque Monsieur, We’ve been everywhere and have not found a place that does a decent Croque Monsieur. The worst we’ve ever come across was at the Corduroy and Finch Cafe at Vivocity; it was essentially two pieces of bread holding melted cheese and ham. Shockingly poor finesse.

The Croque Monsieur at La Fromagerie was very well-done, not quite as good as what we were expecting, but it was satisfying. My only complaint was that it was cut a little too daintily. Croque Monsieur is a manly rustic sandwich that should be served whole or at the most, halved.


This was my first visit as a diner to La Fromagerie, most of the time (and I suspect this of other people), most of the customers simply order to go. The cheeses are still wonderful in variety and their potted pate is boss. Unfortunately, meal service leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the food and the preparation.

Despite the uneven food, dinner was still fun. We were talking about organic farming as applied to the local context and I was reminiscing about how my grandfather’s fruit garden (he grew Chillies, Limes, Persimmons, Guava, Jackfruit and Papaya) was organic in as much as it was fertilized by the organic wee wee of his grandsons.

Even so, I feel that if you really want to experience a rustic, “kampung”-feeling that really contributes to the well-being of society, a safer bet would be to form an Association Of Organic Gardeners (Singapore).

La Fromagerie is at 5 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #01-01 Singapore 239014. They no longer open for lunch, unless it’s a very late lunch.


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opium_gal commented on March 15, 2009 at 7:11 pm

For the best Charcuterie and duck rilette, you absolutely have to go to Carillon @ Club St. When i crave for duck rilette, its there i go.. Carillon is opened by 2 funky french guys… Enjoy!


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