Yuan Wei Giant Garoupa On Serangoon Road

This Here Is What We Call Medium Rare

There were two great Tze Char finds in 2008, one was Cafe de Hong Kong which everyone is heading to now and the other is Yuan Wei Giant Garoupa on Serangoon Road.

While I’ve been there a few times, my first visit was tinged with skepticism as I am not partial to seafood. That night I left kicking myself for not bringing my camera.

Entering from the front door, you’ll be surprised at the tight space available. Basically, they can squeeze in 2 tables of 10 and 2 small tables of 3 in their air-conditioned dining room. The back alley offers more seating in a gritty surrounding. As this blog’s idea of getting close to nature consists of turning down the air-conditioning to medium, I’ve yet to sit in the alleyway.

Like the lady boss at Mellben who boasts 26 different ways of doing crab, Yuan Wei can do a full course dinner for 10 from a single Giant Garoupa. Of course, they do serve single courses of Giant Garoupa as well.


In this case, I’d recommend the claypot Giant Garoupa. With its thick chunks of Giant Garoupa, pork belly, leeks and tofu, this makes a great 1-pot dinner for a small family.

The prawn-paste chicken (har cheong kai) is also pretty good especially when eaten without delay from the kitchen. The crackling crunch of the skin is awesome. It’s not as flavorful as other restaurants but I like the fact that it’s not overpowering.


I’ve had the crispy pork belly 3 times now and I loved every bite. The skin is appropriately crackling and the flesh is moist without being too wet or too dry. With the Thai sweet chilli sauce as a dip, it’s a blast.

What everyone enjoyed was the Chilli Crab. This is done with a Thai-influence that’s heavy on the lemongrass and curry leaves in the sauce and check out the egg yolk! The deep-fried bread dipped in the sauce is seriously boss.


I may be suffering from an overkill of the place but after a while, the menu becomes repetitive, though that could be the organizer’s doing. Mind you, despite my palate fatigue, the cooking from the kitchen is top-notch. Service is unpolished but great. Very often I find myself explaining an English term to the Chinese staff; this is something that will cause my Chinese teachers who’ve taught me over the years to roll in their graves.

But Yuan Wei Giant Garoupa is not without its fans. With the friendly proprietor and his wife welcoming everyone, very soon you might just become one too.

Yuan Wei Giant Garoupa is at 1001, Serangoon Road, Singapore 328165, near St. George’s Road. Open from 5pm – 4am, Tele: 62977255, 91963354


Posted on 20th Mar 2009 in Cantonese, Makankaki, Singapore, Tze Char


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iris commented on March 20, 2009 at 4:47 pm

OMG, the meat still looks red..


ivan commented on March 21, 2009 at 8:22 am

Yes. It’s hard to find medium rare in a Chinese restaurant.


Peter Chong commented on March 21, 2009 at 12:20 pm

great place…interesting fish. I had a meal comprised almost completely of the deep sea fish.



ivan commented on March 22, 2009 at 3:20 pm

Thanks for sharing. Do ask for their specials next time. 🙂

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