Perhaps they should have sacrificed a goat in accordance to the Old Testament (AWARE EOGM 2009)


We were called. We came and we were counted. Well, the men actually didn’t count but still we lent our support to the “Old Exco” members. It all started when the “Old Exco” was caught with their collective pants down and got kicked out legally via due process.

I totally agree with Jeff’s view on this: If Josie Lau’s team (and, perhaps with The Church Of Our Savior’s support) started an organization with the sole purpose of supporting the Christian responsibility to protect “the young, the vulnerable, and the innocent”, that would have been OK in the sense that every one is entitled to an opinion and a cause, however, to steeplejack and take over an organization like AWARE is plain wrong because you are effectively silencing a voice.

Anyway, attending the EOGM was the best $40 I’ve spent all year so far. The atmosphere was electrifying and it was really fun to observe how women take care of their own.

Jeff was in the queue and provided constant updates which were funny. My favorite was that of an old lady who said, “I’m a Christian and I don’t approve of what they [Josie Lau’s team] are doing!”

Straight off, it was a one-sided affair with women supporting the ouster of Josie Lau’s team. Incidentally, Josie Lau appeared to have let slip a nugget of news by saying, “…I was formerly employed…” stopped halfway and quickly moved on to her passions. With the Church Of Our Savior effectively neutered by the press, The Online Citizen and The Wayang Party, (great job guys!), many seats remained empty.


It was a badly managed EOGM from the start. There was an ass on the sound team (Ape Communications, I believe) with his collar turned up that deliberately caused a feedback to shock the crowd. We got the impression that if Josie Lau’s notes were taken from her, she would be even more lost at sea. Of course, Sally “My Way Or The Highway” Ang did not endear herself to the crowd and perhaps scored an own goal with her screaming. This makes me wonder how she treats her kindred and troubled women she’s supposed to be passionate about. Does having some form of moral high ground in dealing with women in trouble give some satisfaction?

Anyway, full accounts abound on the Internet, so you can go Google for it.

It’s a Sunday, so Josie Lau’s team should be in church praying because the Great Satan that is AWARE has triumphed over them righteous Christians. Typical Christian responses would be “it’s God’s Will”, “God didn’t want us to continue our work” or, if they have a spiritual healer amongst them, “our faith wasn’t strong enough”.

My personal favorite comment to these sort of people is that perhaps, since they adhere to the Old Testament, they should have offered a sacrificial lamb or goat (many delicious recipes abound on the Internet) or if they could really kick it old school and do like Abraham and ritually sacrifice their first-born Male. It’s OK, since us guys don’t count.

Here are my takeaways from the whole affair.

  • The “Old Exco” were complacent and hence were replaced. Josie Lau did present that the AWARE membership numbers were down.
  • When they next change their constitution, AWARE might want to look at other women’s organizations like the YWCA of Singapore. They have safeguards against such tactics, not foolproof but better than most nonetheless.
  • If you want to usurp current administration, you need a game plan with an endgame and if it goes tits up, an exit strategy. Having God on your side is only the beginning.
  • Good EQ helps a lot. Sally “Shut Up Sit Down” Ang should take note.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Straight talk is more appreciated than speeches with no discernible agendas and sudden, self-styled Feminist Mentors whose claim for respect includes being old.
  • The current AWARE is going to be flush with money with all that sign-ups, but who’s footing the bill for the festivities and CCTV cameras?
  • Singaporeans (us guys included) have this pent-up need for protest. Power, indeed, to the People.
  • People from The Wayang Party are a pretty shy bunch of people in real life.
  • Debbie Yang is a cute, petite little journalist with big hair and a cool tattoo of flowers on her foot. 😀

OK. Show’s over, the good guys (or Satan, depending on where you stand) has won. Back to blogging about food.

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heng commented on May 3, 2009 at 8:22 pm

Dont make a mockery out of Christianity when u mentioned Josie should have been in Church Praying on A Sunday. God only knows….


ivan commented on May 3, 2009 at 9:50 pm

@heng: I’m not sure what you mean. Are you saying that Josie Lau should not be in church on a Sunday as it is not a mockery of Christianity?

Regarding mockery; not at Christianity certainly but at certain types of Christians.

How does it feel to fail when you so believe that God is at your side? If the premise is that God does not abide evil, then what was done can then be, by the same premise, “not good”.

On a more serious note, I would like to direct your attention to this poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984):


xiix commented on May 6, 2009 at 2:08 pm

It becomes dangerous when faith are distorted and misconstrued for a few men’s self appointed righteousness. I am a Christian too and do not support what Josie Lau and her team of hard lined Christians are doing. I do now know what version of the Bible they read but in the New Testament when Christ came and die for us all, everyone is forgiven and included. He did not say let all, except gays, lesbians, transgender, transexuals, bisexuals, childless, the plenty, not enter the Kingdom of God. Derek Hong, please note. Christ preaches love, not hate.

Sally Ang is a sham, and I ponder how she is like in her professional and private life.

Dr Thio will mostly be slapped by Germaine Greer with her burnt bra for her gibberish. Feminist mentor? More like bigotry with bras, panties and stockings.

Let’s just hope that there will be no more false prophets with their divisive views based on their own bigoted views and discrimination resurface with another lame and meek attempt.

George Bush Jr used religion as a weapon and landed the whole world in shambles.


Barbara commented on May 6, 2009 at 11:35 pm

You know what – if it hadn’t been for Josie and Co, the public would never have heard about the sex education theme they are having in school, nor MOE would have been prompted at such a quick pace to put a stop to this.


ivan commented on May 7, 2009 at 12:33 am

True, but before being pressured by parents, MOE did say they found nothing wrong with AWARE’s Sex Ed Guide. The public or at least parents who have kids in school did know about the guide, they just chose the “don’t ask, don’t tell” way of trusting MOE. It would be interesting to see if those parents are Christians.

Anyway, MOE has suspended the guide because they finally found some objectionable material in the Instructor’s Guide and not the student’s guide.

In any case, this does not justify Josie Lau’s actions which is considered unprincipled and immoral. Which is what you are trying to do right?


ivan commented on May 7, 2009 at 1:15 am

@xiix: It is said that the last good Christian died on the Cross 2000 years ago. Derek Hong has lost his way as a Christian pastor. I feel he has misused a powerful platform and twisted God’s message of love into something else.

I don’t think Sally Ang is a sham. I just feel that she’s a little too high-strung to hold office as an executive member and judging by her behavior at the EOGM, not a “people person”.

I have no comments about Thio, mainly because there’s not enough space and there’s enough material on the Internet about her form anyone to form their own conclusions.

There will always be people who believe they are righteous and will act upon it as a mandate from whichever god they believe in.

There is no good or evil, just different opinions.

Remember: the Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions.


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