Barracks at House on Dempsey Road


This blog was invited to a luncheon at Barracks at House on Dempsey by Camemberu and Janet, the group manager for Public Relations at Spa Espirit.

In the many alleyways of Dempsey, Barracks was difficult to find, so Skynet had to disguise a Cyborg in the form of a confused Human convict to gain the trust and access to the location of the… Wait! No, that’s the plot of a sci-fi movie! Actually, what I did was to stand in the shade and waited for Camemberu, having arrived seconds earlier and was walking way out in front of me, to locate the restaurant before I made my move.

Thus, the Humans shall all be dest I managed to find my way into the restaurant.

I was ushered into Barracks’s delightful “greenhouse” private dining area which, I am very happy to report, features strong air-conditioning. Oh yes, the lighting was great for photography too.


We were invited to order their range of fruit juice mixes. This presented some problems as they all looked good but it turned out that we all wanted to taste the Pineapple Pitstop which is a deliciously potent cucumber-pineapple juice mix that is, for want of a better word, “cleansing”.

The Hungry Cow and I both ordered the Pei Pa Herbal Tonic which I thought was delicious amidst looks of disgust from my learned compatriots. I enjoyed that minty, slightly peppery sweetness that can only come from Pei Pa; my only suggestion though is that the mint leaves should be crushed, against the ice, to release the menthol.


Others weren’t so lucky as they tried the Beetroot Beat which I think should be renamed “Beetroot Surprise”. What’s so surprising about beetroot you ask, well, it’s an acquired taste with a very long finish.

Speaking of very long, we were introduced to the Barracks’s specialty sausage. The meter-long marvel elicited some excitement as how best to photograph it, but I can say, without any sense of inadequacy, it wasn’t difficult; it merely boils down to how well you use whatever you have. However, with the sight of women cutting into it with knives, I could not help but sympathize with the Bobbits of the world.

There's a metaphor somewhere in here...

But did it taste good? Let’s just say that the flavors did not rise up far enough to smack the forehead of taste.

Moving briskly along, I got the feeling that the range of Skinny pizzas offered by Barracks were their pride and joy. I have to say that on the menu they certainly looked intriguing. Unfortunately, to me it was basically piling on ingredients on a dry cracker. I pointedly asked why the usual elements like tomato sauce or even cheese were omitted, the reason came back as: it’s healthier.

Ah Taki Skinny Pizza

I’ve always been suspicious about things done to food in the name of health. The Ah Taki Skinny pizza, for example, was adapted from their popular Ah Taki salad. I like the salad with chunks of tender tuna with raisins and pine nuts. But I found it difficult to eat because it was simply to dry. On my second visit for dinner, it was actually hard to swallow.

The fact that the Ah Taki Skinny pizza is one of their most popular skinny pizza says a lot about the resilience of its fans.

Of course, not all the skinny pizzas were tough; my favorite was the Chorizo Almond Skinny Pizza, this is because the oils from the Chorizo moistened the dry crust and helped to integrate the flavors. I would totally recommend it if not for the fact that some people might find it unhealthy. 🙂

Chorizo Almond Skinny Pizza

The meaty mains were what impressed me the most about Barracks.

The roast baby chicken with it’s mountain of yam frites were so tender and moist that I made up my mind to return to Barracks to have my very own serving of the whole portion. Screw the health warnings concerning high fat and carbohydrates.

Roast Baby Chicken

If the roast chicken impressed me, it was the Herb-crusted Lamb rack that blew me away. It was simply one of the better lamb racks I’ve tasted in a long time. Partly because it was done perfectly (we asked for medium rare) and mostly because there was a good layer of fat hanging on which provided a lot of flavor. Most places would trim the fat in the name of health and hence cut out the flavor.

Herb-crusted Lamb Rack

I’m gonna stop this post now because I’m getting tired and I’m sure you’ve stopped reading this (look at all the pretty pictures!) but mainly because I think the libations at Barracks deserve a separate entry.

Barracks at House, 8D Dempsey Road, Singapore 249672, Tel: (65) 6475 778.


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Colin commented on July 10, 2009 at 6:57 pm

Noooo… bring on the libations! Awesome photos, I was thinking of going to Barracks this evening, as I’ve heard much about the drinks at Camp, but I’ll see what you have to say first!


ivan commented on July 11, 2009 at 6:55 pm

Thanks, but I can only use my powers for good.


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