Libations with good vibrations at Barracks

Prohibition Long Island Ice Tea Party

I like cocktails. They are casual, usually fizzy, not at all serious and gives you something to hold on to at parties.

I was pleased that Barracks also had cocktails in their menu. Damn good cocktails I have to say.

My favorite is the Tiffin Punch. So named because, well, it came in a tiffin container and it’s a drink with fruit in it.

You just know that you’re going to be refreshed when you see the frosting on the sides of the metal container.

Tiffin Punch

And refreshment is exactly what you get. With an ampule of Champagne to fizz up the ice-cold fruity mix of grapefruit, lychee and ginger flavors bounded by my most favorite Bombay Sapphire, I am very tempted to drink the whole tiffin myself.

Did I mention that it has fruit in it?

Tiffin Punch

Barracks at House on Dempsey also serves dessert and while during the lunch we were treated to the gamut of sweet stuff, only two stood out. Of course, this is not to say that the rest were bad, because, in an American Idol sort of way, they are all winners.

One such winner is the MMM or Mango Marshmallow Melt. This adventurous concoction tries to answer the often-ignored question of what melted marshmallows would taste like with Mangoes.

MMM, Mango Marshmellow Melt

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as far as to melt the marshmallows but I was content and happy to just pop the toasted marshmallows in my mouth and leave it as that. Oh yes, the ice-cream and Mangoes were excellent if just a tad boring.

Frank Herbert once observed that as time progresses, people tend to shorten or abbreviate names or terms, for example, the Internet is now simply, the “Web” or for some people in Upper Serrangoon, “Facebook”.

Likewise, Barracks called this winning combination of Brownie, Banana and Cheese: “The BBC”. You can just picture their marketing people giving each other high-fives for coming up with that name.

The BBC ( Brownie, Banana and cheese)

I like it. Mainly because the salty banana in pastry with Parmesan that went well with the chocolate brownie is a welcome change to the usual sweet cloying confection.

For the real shin-kicker of an end-of-meal drink, there’s nothing like the Prohibition Long Island Ice Tea Party to ensure that you’re well saturated with the good stuff.

Prohibition Long Island Ice Tea Party

This is potent. I was relatively sober after everything, but this more or less pushed me off the edge. I remembered staggering slightly as I climbed up the difficult stairs out of Barracks.

But mind you, this is good shit. Flavorful, refreshing, palate-cleansing and everything a Long Island Iced Tea should be . I wouldn’t recommend driving after this though.

Prohibition Long Island Ice Tea Party

And there you have it, a list of what I thought I enjoyed in that afternoon of feasting and photography with Camemberu, Missy Glutton, the Hungry Cow and Aroma Cookery. All winners in my book.

Prohibition Long Island Ice Tea Party

Barracks at House is at 8D Dempsey Road, Singapore 249672, Tel: (65) 6475 778.


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Colin commented on July 20, 2009 at 10:21 am

That long island looked pretty lethal…


ivan commented on July 21, 2009 at 9:48 am

It was… Caveat Bibendum.


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