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Ever since Benjamin Wallace’s book, The Billionaire’s Vinegar was published, there is a renewed cry of credible provenance on expensive bottles of wine.

What’s more interesting is Wallace’s observation of the purpose of people purchasing rare bottles of wine; it is mostly for bragging rights than anything else. After all, who can say what a, say 222 year-old wine, tastes like? You can only nod appreciatively at the amount of money spent for the expensive bottle.

Personally, as a metaphorical existential-you-are-here, I belong as one of the dirty, sweaty men shoveling coal into the fires of the engines as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet run gaily past.

So what can mere mortals, non-captains-of-industry do to enjoy wine?


I must admit that I am fairly dismissive of wine bars in Singapore mainly because of their overpriced plonk, questionable storage, almost criminally under-trained service, extremely limited range featuring undrinkable grape juice (did I mention it’s overpriced plonk?) and, on the other extreme, big brand labels pandering to the egos of label-drinkers compensating for their inadequacies.

This is why I was delighted to learn that a group of friends have banded together to start a wine bar called Incontro. What’s different with Incontro is that their wine portfolio are an expression of the group’s taste and preference. Walking through their cellar was a real treat as I find, stacked amongst the more serious wines, an intriguing range of fun-to-drink, delicious wines.

Take the Pierre Jean Colombard Chardonnay, the favorite wine of hamper packers and gift shops; from a reputable winemaker, the bright fruity blend of neutral Chardonnay and flowery Colombard (Cognacs use this grape) make this the ideal drink for the hot muggy weather.


Of course, wine without food is like sex without a partner, you’ll quickly discover something’s missing. Incontro serves a nice selection of cheeses and ham; ask for their antipasto platter. Or better yet, ask to visit their cheese room to pick out what appeals to you. Hot food is also available and what I really enjoyed was their Spanish-style roast pork which I had to ask for a half-portion because of the antipasto. Crackling.


Incontro. Nice place for wine and to chill as the day closes. Sure, they have the serious wines (I seem to remember a DRC in a corner…) but the fun and joy of being a Amateur du Vin is discovering a nice wine at good value. Incontro is a good place to start.

Incontro is at 30 Robertson Quay, #01-12/13 (same place as the previous Cornerstone), Tel: +65 67332313.


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pirom commented on October 3, 2009 at 11:46 am

Oh god, tell me about the ‘wine bars’ here in Singapore – ever been to the Zouk wine bar? I’m sorry, but calling yourself a wine bar when you have 3 bottles of red and white each (ok, plus some champagne) is not a wine bar.

What are the prices here like though?


ivan commented on October 7, 2009 at 11:19 am

@pirom: I know what you mean! Prices at Incontro are reasonable and dependent on what you order. I do believe the wine we shared was about $30-40 (I don’t remember the details).


loveseaweed commented on January 11, 2010 at 10:48 am

I tried $55 ++ set menu on Sat. REALLY BAD experience. I don’t think they can call its as italian dishes.


ivan commented on January 11, 2010 at 11:43 am

What did you have and did you tell them about it?

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