Dry-aged beef at Astons Prime, Centerpoint


I was hankering for some Argentinian Beef steaks so I contacted Aston to see if he had some. Unfortunately, the demand for Argentinian beef is very low in Singapore. Alas.

As an alternative, he said he’d obtained some 21-day dry-aged beef recently and wanted to know if I was willing to give it a try. As I’ve been a (highly privileged) guest at a home that buys dry-aged beef from the supplier directly, I knew I was in for a treat.

There are many references on the Internet about dry-aged beef, but here’s a nut-shell summary:

There has been a greater awareness and preference for dry-aged beef amongst the beef enthusiasts in Singapore. Unfortunately, dry-aged beef is hard to get in Singapore mainly because it’s very expensive and only meat from approved meat suppliers are allowed to import it, adding to the cost.

Dry-aged beef is expensive mainly because there is a significant shrinkage (10-15%, depending on days aged) due to moisture-loss, it takes specialized equipment (aging rooms etc) and finally it takes a long time (7-14 days minimum).

This is where wet-aged beef comes in; beef is aged in a plastic bag where moisture is trapped and there isn’t much shrinkage (compared to dry-aging). Also it takes a shorter time (minimum 7-days).

So why do beef enthusiasts prefer dry-aged beef?

It's a beautiful thing

Basically, there are 2 reasons. First, the beef becomes more tender. Secondly, dry-aging seems to concentrate the beef flavors to a point that people feel the extra cost is worth it. Wet-aging, on the other hand, achieves tenderness in a shorter time, but it does nothing for the flavor of the meat.

Mind you, the flavors and aromas of dry-aged beef is not for everyone. People have complained of a musty, moldy smell. I once had a 40-day dry-aged sirloin that filled the room with a blue cheese aroma which panicked my dinner companions. I thought it was awesomely delicious though. πŸ™‚


Back to Astons. They’ve opened the Astons Prime at Centerpoint, 3rd floor, where – if you’re old enough to remember – Hoshigaoka used to be. It’s a larger restaurant than Joo Chiat and less busy.

We were placed in a corner with a generous area to open and aerate our wines. Incidentally, if you are looking for a great wine decanter, I submit to you that there is nothing better than a water or beer jug.


We didn’t order too much sides this time, just the spinach salad which is still good, a crab-cake which wasn’t. And of course, there’s the ever-popular potato wedges. Armed with ketchup, I do remember ordering several rounds.

You know you want this...

So how were the steaks? Medium-rare, the ribeye was tender but with enough bite and the flavor was deeper that what you’d expect from what you normally expect. You don’t need sauce for something so delicious.

While I am working with some people to “influence” the local supplier to dry-age the beef for a longer period, I think the 21-day dry-aged beef offered by Astons Prime is a good balance for introducing people to the more intense flavor of dry-aged beef without freaking them out with unfamiliar aromas.

Dessert-wise, we decided to check out the new (to us) items on the menu, namely the Belgian Waffles and the Mud Pie. The Belgian Waffles seemed to hit that mysterious spot in all of us with its crisp, caramel-like flavor which matched perfectly with a Hungarian Tokaji but what blew us away was the use of very good Maple Syrup. We ordered it twice. πŸ™‚

We thought the Mud Pie was excellent. The thick blocks of frozen chocolate on chocolate was quickly demolished but we all agreed that it could do without the artificial whipped cream.

This was very good Mud Pie

If you’re asking what sets Astons Prime apart from its other incarnations, I would have to say it would be the dry-aged beef. The price is definitely higher, but believe me, it is worth it. Especially now with the move to eat less meat (boo! hiss!), then we should definitely move on to higher quality. And with its finely balanced price-point, Astons Prime is in a good position to introduce the wonders of dry-aged beef.

Aston called the 21-day dry-aged beef a beautiful product. I came, I saw, I concurred.

Astons Prime is at Centerpoint, 176 Orchard Road, #03-45/47 Centrepoint. Tel: +65 6235 0556.


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NJT commented on November 14, 2009 at 3:47 am

Which Tokaji?


ivan commented on November 14, 2009 at 7:39 am

It was a very nice Royal Tokaji AszΓΊ 6 Puttonyos 1993. One of my last few bottles as I’m concentrating on collecting Essencias.

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