Looking back in hunger: a review of 2009

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If you asked me to sum up the year 2009 in a single word, it would have to be “Hope” as in I hope this year would end quickly. This is because 2009 was not an especially encouraging year economically, although many investment gurus and bankers will tell you that this is the best year to invest, of course we have to remember these are the same people that got us into this situation in the first place. Nevertheless, there are a few bright spots amidst the mostly dark period.

So before we move on to the new year of 2010, let us take a quick look back at 2009, starting, as so many bad years seem to, with…


…with the US still reeling from the start of a financial meltdown, Barack Obama was inaugurated as first American President right after George W. Bush. His first order of business was to save the economy by throwing trillions of dollars at the problem and basically hiring anyone who did not fail to pay their income taxes. Ricardo Montalbán reached the final stage of an actor. Locally, fearing that Singaporean bloggers, who are like loose sand, might get banned, the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) started as a professional body for Singaporean bloggers. Speaking of exposure, a couple was caught walking down Holland Village expressing what they thought about the hot humid temperature.

This blog attended a Krug brunch that was popular because of its macarons than Champagne, was invited to a New! Year! Dinner! At! Yanting! With! Yahoo! and was introduced to a flying fish for dinner at Oso. Speaking of great food experiences, Tan Yong Soon, a senior official at Singapore’s Environment Ministry, shared his culinary vacation with the general public and the general public shared what they thought right back at him.

Speaking of mellow reactions, in…


…Michael Phelps was banned from competition for three months following publication of a photograph of him consuming part of his daily 12,000-calorie diet. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir is appointed as the new Prime Minister of Iceland, becoming the world’s first leader to be the focus of the world’s media on her preferences in bed.

This blog, after a year, finally released a list of places you might like to eat in Bali. Also, this year it was this blog’s turn to cook the Chinese New Year Reunion dinner. And hearing of a fight between two bloggers over La Fromagerie, this blog decided to check the place out. Slumdog Millionaire wins eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Director but Kayne West declares that Beyonce has a better movie.

Speaking of shocking revelations, in…


…Bernard Madoff pleads guilty to overcharging tourists at the Newton Circus Hawker Center and this blog was labeled a “food critic“. The annual observance of Earth Hour is observed with one hour of symbolic energy conservation as hundreds of millions of non-essential lights and appliances are turned off, of course being Singaporeans, the air-conditioning and other essential appliances like the TV were left on.

This blog had a magnificent lunch at Tenshin and Heston Blumenthal shuts down The Fat Duck because it was under attack by Somali pirates.

Speaking of closure, in…


…Mas Selamat, who escaped using an improvised flotation device and toilet paper, was arrested in Malaysia. Former Ivory Soap girl, Marilyn Chambers walked out from behind the green door and Beatrice Arthur tells stories for the last time.

This blog did his semi-annual gastronomic tour in Hong Kong but has yet to blog about it. However, he was invited to a magnificent Popiah Party by Weylin, was inspired to cook Moo Pad Krapow by TGWAE, similarly, a experiment on claypot rice was conducted by this blog who also helped a few people understand and appreciate happy food. In other news, the Association of Women for Action and Research was hijacked by Somali pirates.

Speaking of rising tensions, in…


…Singapore’s consumer price index decreased by 1.5% in April, its largest recorded decline. The first case of the H1N1 virus was also reported, forcing a slight recovery in the economy due to strong demand for Tamiflu and N95 masks.

On the home-cooking front, this blog made hisself some fried chicken. This blog was introduced to another yummy claypot and in an event totally not associated with the Association of Bloggers (Singapore), a group of Food Bloggers had their annual photographic shootout. Speaking of confrontations, the Association of Women for Action and Research had an EOGM which turned out to be an event that will probably be described by Ris Low as “Boomz”.

Speaking of exacting standards, in…


…Linguistic analysis confirms that American astronaut Neil Armstrong did not say the article “a” in the phrase “one small step for a man” when he walked on the Moon on July 20, 1969. David Eddings goes to see the Elder Gods. The death of American entertainer Michael Jackson triggers an outpouring of worldwide impersonator tributes and non-stop coverage on all American talk shows for the next month.

This blog got his Kachang Pool fix and was at dinner with Robert Rainford. He further documented difficulties with Absinthe. Meanwhile the governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, goes missing for six days; his spokesperson tells the press that the governor is “hiking the Appalachian trail”, which turns out to mean “engaging in acts with a woman in Argentina.”

Speaking of nature, in…


…the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting up to 6 minutes and 38.8 seconds, occurs over parts of Asia and the Pacific Ocean; it is figured to be the most widely observed total eclipse in human history. In somewhat unrelated news, Sarah Palin unexpectedly announces that she will not complete her term as elected governor of Alaska.

This blog rediscovered Coca as a great place for dinner, was invited to a photoshoot at Barracks at Dempsey and roasted a chicken with Sambal Oelek. The arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. by Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley resulted in a “beer summit” at the White House.

Speaking of the White House, in…


…former president Bill Clinton goes to North Korea to secure the release of two detained American journalists who just happen to be women. Les Paul plays his last power chord.

This blog was happy with dinner at Incontro and managed to catch up with the Dim Sum Dolly at Royal China before her move to Hong Kong. Twitter was hacked and shut down forcing its users to make do with Facebook.

Speaking of freedom of expression, in…


…US President Obama, speaking on health care before a joint session of Congress, is rudely interrupted by Kanye West, who grabs the microphone and declares that Beyoncé has a better health-care plan. by Republican congressperson Joe Wilson, who shouts “You lie!” Tavern on the Green is no longer. Riz Low introduced us to the Hospipatalipality of the Leopard Prince.

This blog spent the month mostly on home-cooking like Tea-Smoked Eggs and Cold Soba but he was invited to taste the best of what the new Food Opera had to offer. And by capturing and distilling the voices of some 500 players and eyewitnesses to unfolding history, the book “Men in White” is published.

Speaking of capture, in…


…US President Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize, narrowly edging out Beyonce. The book “Men in White” had a new edition, with changes, released.

This blog finally visited L’Entrepot Bistrot to see what the fuss is all about, had a meeting of Hainanese minds and had a magnificent lunch at the Tower Club. Speaking of fuss, a Singaporean pastry shop threatened legal action on a blogger who didn’t like their pastries.

Speaking of action, in…


Dubai requests a debt deferment following its massive renovation and development project because all its money were stolen by Somali pirates. As a premier education hub, Singapore was put on degree mill watch.

This blog was disappointed with a burger joint in Cambridge but was cheered up to no end with a tasting of Jamon Iberico de Bellota. This blog was further involved in a photoshoot at Yanting.

November’s biggest sports story involves Tiger Woods, who hit a tree and about 40% of the US population of women fell out; all of whom have hiked the Appalachian Trail with him.

Speaking of issues, in…


…Copenhagen hosts a massive international conference aimed at halting man-made global warming, attended by thousands of delegates who flew to Denmark on magical carbon-neutral winged horses.

This blog went to Shanghai and had the best Xiaolongbao there and wrote a short tutorial on how to eat out the female crab which happens to be a popular search topic on Google. Most of the weekends were spent either cleaning the apartment or cooking Claypot Rice for his friends.

And so this is it, a quick rundown of the significant events of a bad year that is 2009 as seen by this blog. Funnily enough, bloggers in Singapore are still are “a bunch of loose sand” and as the millennial decade closes, we should all heave a sigh of relief that the good thing about 2010 is that it’s taking us away from 2009. Have Happy New Year!


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ladyironchef commented on January 1, 2010 at 7:10 pm

WOW! great sum-up of the whole of 2009, how do you remember everything? hahahaha

Thanks for inviting us to dinner last week, it was awesome, see u soon for another round of good food. Happy new year! 🙂


Camemberu commented on January 7, 2010 at 2:59 pm

Wow what a summary! It sure has been a long year. I’d forgotten some of the events, but remember the food that graced your blog. Happy new year and see you for more makan in 2010!


ivan commented on January 8, 2010 at 1:54 pm

Thanks you all. It usually boring to read about “I’ve eaten here and OMG! I’ve eaten there” so I use this format to disguise the fact that I’ve eaten here and OMG! I’ve eaten there.

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