Makankaki at Jing Long


Slow shutter shot without involving waterfalls…

I’ve not been attending the Makankaki dinners for a while mainly because I’ve been traveling frequently and a lot of the places they visited last year didn’t appeal to me.

However, since it’s been a while, I thought it would be fun to say hi to everyone again. So I was looking forward to dinner at the Jing Long Seafood Restaurant in Bedok.

And even though the Chinese New Year was couple a weeks away, we had the traditional Yu Sheng which is more or less a Singaporean invention. It has become a tradition where Singaporeans will gather at the table to toss the salad.


Dinner started well enough and I found myself seated at a table full of good wines. The people who brought them were good too but after the 3rd course (and like 4 bottles of wine), I didn’t really care as it was all good.

Food-wise, I liked the Baby Abalone salad which was served in a Kuay Pie Tie cup that gave the shockingly refreshing salad a delicious crunch. I would have traded in all the cold Venison for more Baby Abalone Salad.

I was mildly amused when someone at the table abstained from the Shark’s fin, giving the reason that she’s a diver as if that explained everything. Of course, that led to a fun discussion of other deadly sea creatures that will also kill you like a shark.

The other memorable dish was the Garlic Chicken. It came out hot, garlicky and crispy and went very well with the Gerard Betrand Cigalas. It is a great thing to have so many wine enthusiasts at the table. We were drinking very well.


I was glad that they brought out that old favorite, the Steamed Red Garoupa with Green Chilli. The Green Chilli was minced and was part of the sauce which had everyone slurping it down.

Not so glad was this monstrosity with fake cheese called Deep Fried Seafood Roll with Mango although I think there was some competition for the worst-tasting fake item of the day with the Jumbo prawn with Curry Cheese Sauce. I am so glad I don’t take prawns.

And the Claypot Rice Shanghai Style was a mystery unless it was meant to be soggy and wet rice.


Jing Long Seafood Restaurant has under gone a massive renovation and it is bustling with people especially on the weekends. As this is not my first time there, I went with the purpose of catching up with friends whom I’ve not met in a long time and had very low expectations of the food.

I had tremendous fun with old friends, met some new ones and best of all, Jing Long met my expectations.

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant is at Blk 412 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-152.






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