The Loewen Garden Farmers’ Market


Jamon Iberico – it’s a beautiful thing

When one hears of a “Farmers’ Market”, immediately the image of out-of-doors markets where farmers bring their fresh produce to sell to the public. Of course, being in Loewen Garden, one cannot help but double-up in laughter when Umami said “sure or not? Wonder how many of the stallholders are actually from a farm.”

One is tempted to take the cynic route by talking about the pretentiousness of selling Fleur du Sel or Bottarga or by noting that there were more bakers than farmers at the Farmers’ Market. But let’s not be a wet towel raining on someone’s parade. Instead, what I did was to build a meal for two for a picnic lunch.

Secret Signage

There nothing more fun than building a meal from the marketplace. Granted that the Loewen Garden Farmers’ Market is more of an expat event to drive awareness that there is such a place as Loewen Garden, there is nothing wrong in participating in the affair, especially after I’ve walked a long way from the main road.

Actually most of the picnic lunch was built from the offerings by Solymer which distributes fine Spanish products such as the Jamon Iberico. For starters, I bought some lovely canned Olives stuffed with Smoked Anchovies and, naturally, a box of sliced Jamon. Very expensive but worth every penny.


I was a little disappointed when I was told that Solymer’s Paella was sold out (in 10 minutes). Lisa has promised to cook Paella all day at the next event. So, looking for a replacement main course, I walked around and found Cornish Pasties. Cornish Pasties – this was filled with beef and potatoes – are what is called “Rib-stickers”, meaning eat just one and it will stick to your ribs all day. It’s true, trust me on this.

Just as I bought 2 pasties, Lisa came up to me and whispered, “I’ll be cooking Paella again in 30 minutes.”

I was looking for dessert to complete the meal. I bought a bottle of Spanish sweet wine (it was awesome) and some Sweets by Vicky.


Only vegetable stall there

On the whole, lunch was fun, mainly because it was unorthodox and I believe some rules were broken by having a picnic. I managed to get the food to its final destination mostly warm and I ended up nibbling on most of the Jamon while the Devouring of the Paella was a solo achievement. We broke open the pasty, took a small nibble and threw the whole thing away. Dessert was pretty fun because everything was mostly smooshed and we ended up playing Mystery Frosting.

Will I go for the next one in March? Likely because of the Jamon and Vicky has promised to introduce a new range of baked goods. This time, I’ll cab it.

The Loewen Garden Farmers’s Market is at 75E Loewen Road, Tanglin Village, first Saturday of every month from 9am to 2pm.


Outdoor Paella Cooking


Cornish Pasty

Cornish Pasty

Riot of pink

All that’s missing is Barbie


Olives stuffed with Smoked Anchovies For Teh Win!



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