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Now you see the quail’s leg…

April of 2010 is a happy time for foodies, gourmands, wine aficionados and other members of the ilk with all the food and wine events in and around the period. Again, I attended the Food & Hotel Asia exhibition but this year I did not cause any trouble by asking troubling questions like the last time.

This year, I opted to focus more on fine foods as opposed to canned stuff, although I must say the Amocan Halal Chicken Luncheon Meat was actually quite good.


… now you don’t.

I focused on Grappas last time, so it’s was Balsamic vinegars this round. I visited the people from Acetaia Leonardi (from Magreta Di Formigine, near the town of Modena) were kind enough to let us sample their wide selection; the versatility of balsamic vinegar was eye-opening where you get glazes, jams and even a lemon and balsamic vinegar that can be used as a baste and, with ice water, a refreshing drink.

And yes, it makes a fantastic sauce for beef steaks too. 😛

Of their jams made from fruit and balsamic vinegar, I tried the strawberry-balsamic jam and it was awesome. The jam can be used as a spread or condiment and I would include it as a topping for ice cream too.


I must admit that most of my time was spent in the Indoguna pavilion where I had a great time chatting with the individual suppliers. Like the tall, quiet gentleman from New Zealand whom we shared a grass-fed beef tenderloin with while discussing the comparative merits of corn- and grass-fed beef and the new mix-feed beef. You can say that it was a gathering of like-minded people but with a better spread.


Grass-fed beef – the way to go for that beefy taste

Of course, that’s not to say that grain-fed beef is not good, in fact, for some people the Matsusaka beef could very well be the clincher for the argument. In fact, there was a certain hushed silence when it was whipped out and presented to us. Not exactly the Matsusaka but beef from virgin cows that have been raised the same way in the same conditions.


Sacrificial virgin cow

The one product from Indoguna that blew me away was the waffle mix. It comes either in liquid or powder form (just add milk) and it produced the lightest and most delicate waffle I have ever tasted. According to the “inventor”, he spent years getting the mix just right.

It’s significantly more expensive than the usual mix but when the cost of a waffle is cents and the “retail” price of the same waffle is in dollars, it’s really a no-brainer.


Anything tastes good with a bit of ham and cheese!

The Food and Hotel Asia 2010 was a muted affair because the organizers started filtering the attendees, hence entry was more stringent. Which was a good thing because there is nothing more nasty than old ladies with big handbags and sharp elbows reaching for samples; it is a battle which you cannot win. Of course, the other explanation was that I didn’t walk around much; focus was the theme this year.

All in all, I had fun because I got to share my love of good food with like-minded people, met with the exclusive distributor for Maldon Salt (more on this at a future post) and I didn’t get sloshed like the last time.



The sacrificial virgin sacrificed





Warning label – good eating ahead




One of the rarest and best Shiraz in Australia



Pesto Feta – simply add hot pasta!


Darkest Chocolate ice cream I’ve ever seen – too bad no one was around for a taste test



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