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Jean asked:

Where would you recommend for good hearty roast beef, roast lamb, steaks? Nothing too fancy, just the good old meat done really nicely. I have a few bottles of nice reds and would love to enjoy them with some meats. Unfortunately many places like Bistro du Sommelier don’t allow BYO. So I’m out of ideas.

A few places come to mind…. Huber’s Butchery Bistro (if they even allow BYO!), Aston’s, The Ship, Jack’s Place??? Would Australian/New Zealand restaurants here serve good hearty steaks since they are trying to support their own meat industry? I’m short of contacting Meat and Livestock Australia/New Zealand to ask for suggestions. Help!

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Hi Jean, to summarize your email to me: where can you find a good place for (OZ/NZ) steaks which allow BYO?

Quick answer: I don’t know.

However, for some restaurants, it depends on how much money you intend to spend at that place and how good is your relationship with the restaurant, the former being the bigger motivator. And you need to find someone empowered to make the decision and not some low-level drone.

Assuming you have no such relationship, then all steakhouses require corkage but some do compromise if you buy a bottle from them. In this case, I would have to look at the wine list; more often than not, I would simply bring my own wine if the wine list is sub-par.


It sounds snobbish but really, if you’re going to pay so much corkage, you might as well drink well. That is if the corkage per bottle is fixed, say $30, I certainly wouldn’t want to bring a 2-Buck-Chuck because it makes no sense; I might as well bring a better wine to enjoy.

Another thing to note is the wine service that comes with the corkage. I’d pay corkage at Morton’s because I know my wines will be served with the proper glasses and decanters, all expertly handled by a Sommelier.

Having said that, I would recommend walking out of any restaurant that charges corkage and has no proper wine service: at minimum proper wine glasses (Bordeaux glasses for Bordeaux wine etc), decanters (I am fine with a clean beer jug only at the cheaper places) and the appropriate tools, otherwise they are just taking you for a ride.

Or sometimes, simply laugh, walk away and never go back.


Drilling down to the specifics, while most of the wine lists here are either over-priced or dismal in it’s offering, I must say that the wine list at Bistro du Sommelier is pretty decent in the sense that there’s something for everyone. Or you can go to a cheaper place like the Swiss Grill at Coronation Plaza where the corkage is $15 per bottle and you get to choose your cut of meat.

Regarding steak places to visit, you can start under the “Meat” category on this blog. Ultimately, it is your perception of value that matters.

I hope this helps.


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Stacy commented on November 4, 2010 at 6:59 pm

Hey there,
You might want to try the mixed grill dish at Urban bites on Telok Ayer st. It’s a lebanese family restaurant. The minute I read ” lamp”, the delicious lamb chops at that place crossed my mind. I’m not sure if they allow BYO but the Lebanese red wine is really good.


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