The Monthly Annual Food Bloggers Dinner at Senor Santos inside The Foundry at Clarke Quay

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-11

It’s the Monthly Annual Food Bloggers Dinner! Happening once a month annually it is usually attended by food bloggers who happen to be free at the time and don’t mind paying for their own meal.

Last month we enjoyed ourselves at Brazil Churrascaria on Sixth Avenue, so this month we decided to visit Senor Santos, yet another Churrascaria.

Happy to see you

I was rather doubtful when Senor Santos was suggested because they didn’t use pork. I felt that leaving out pork but using “pork substitutes” to be unnatural and deviant to the spirit of a Churrascaria.

I was sent two reviews one from Taina Teravainen of Her World (a somewhat lazy journalistic attempt that reads like a mix of direct copy from Wikipedia and a virgin’s first visit to the local whorehouse in a one-horse-town) and one from Hoongy in (whose first paragraph had me in stitches as our learned friend with the fancy writing has probably never been near an open flame cooking). Simply put, if those were choice reviews, it did not bode well.

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-9

Before I arrived at Senor Santos, I google’d for reviews and wasn’t encouraged by the first-page list of reviewers who wrote up the Churrascaria; not the people whose reviews I trust, so neither luck nor love was given.

Nevertheless, I was there for the fellowship and not for the food (spare me the ironic observations), so my expectations weren’t very high. Which was a good thing because when the basic taste profile for the night was: salt, salt, salt and lemongrass. Garlic was involved but it was crying alone in the corner after being abused by salt.

Turkey is a dense meat with little flavor and makes a poor pork substitute because you basically have to salt the hell out of it.

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-8

However, dinner was fun because of the company. This time, the group consisted of people from the following blogs:

And this month, we had visitor from up north: a lil’ fat monkey: The Comical Food Blog from Malaysia. While his blog title has 3 words which are 3 lies, the content is kick-ass with fierce graphics.


We adjourned to Haato & Co for dessert because we got tired of the heated environment of Senor Santos; even the usually unflappable Lembu Lapar was uncomfortable. But with the judicious application of iced desserts, everyone mellowed out and started making fun of girls dressed in upholstery. Apparently peach is the in-color with the girls this festive season.

We even made a go at the cardboard construction of cupcakes competition where the grand prize was an Apple iPad but gave up when Haato & Co started to close.

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-6

Senor Santos is a Rodízio-style Churrascaria – if you really bother to read through the Wikipedia entry to cut and paste appropriately – that is spiraling downwards in terms of food quality. I can understand the situation they are in, as was explained implicitly to us by the restaurant manager. While I do appreciate the candor, my palate didn’t. I hope they recover soon.

As for the monthly annual food bloggers dinner, I look forward to the next outing with great anticipation because if fellowship with like-minded people is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

Senor Santos is at Block 3B, River Valley Road, #01-12, The Foundry at Clarke Quay, Tel. 6336 7741.

Blood drippings in the bowl...

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-10

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-2

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-13

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-14

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-15

2010Dec20-Senor Santos-16

Eclipse? What Eclipse?

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alkanphel commented on December 26, 2010 at 5:13 pm

Great post! The food wasn’t great but the fellowship was awesome. Not to mention Nic’s epic poses with the meat 😀


Nicholas commented on December 27, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Annual… monthly… how?


Ivan commented on December 27, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Every year, we do this once a month.

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