Ku Dé Ta at the Sands SkyPark

Charcoal-roasted Scottish Salmon with Date-Soy Glaze

Charcoal-grilled Scottish Salmon with a Chinese Date-Soy Glaze

Upon passing through the levels of screening at the Marina Bay Sands, I am reminded by Dostoevsky who once wrote that the degree of civilization can be measured by entering its prisons.

My natural sense of curiosity was piqued when I was allowed access to the lifts with a backpack with the briefest of glances. How many of the staff, I wonder, are really trained for such work and is their presence motivated by a need for security or the need of people to feel secure?

Dark were my thoughts as I attended lunch hosted by my uncle at Ku Dé Ta at the Sands SkyPark.


The sky was a dismal gray as I stepped out. Perfect light for shooting people. And scenery. With my camera. And since it was a holiday, we had a multitude of people mugging. For the cameras. And after a while of shooting, I felt for the better as my cousin began gathering us as lunch was about to begin.

The restaurant was busy but we were given a round table in a well-lit area. I like eating at round tables because with round tables, there’s never an empty seat. I am into things like this, so much so that it took me 4 weeks to finally find a round table that I liked for my flat.


Pressed Spinach with toasted Sesame

Helmed by the famous Dan Segall, Ku Dé Ta’s food is so cross-cultural that I can only define as Asian with strong Japanese and Thai influences.

The meal is basically divided into 3 parts: appetizers, mains and dessert. The appetizers came one at a time with nice generous portions and I was pretty impressed with the Charred Angus Beef Tataki which came with a mouth-watering Green Chili Ponzu. It’s been a while since I’ve tasted properly pickled green chili. The pressed Spinach with toasted sesame and garlic chips was a good palate starter and the thinly-sliced Muscovy Duck Breast with Miso-Mustard sauce is something I will definitely experiment at home.

Not so impressive was the semi-fatty Tuna which sounds like a cop-out for dieters, it tasted good but was overshadowed by the rest. My mum is a deep-fried soft-shelled crab fan who was disappointed by the Crispy Jumbo Soft-shelled Crab because it wasn’t. I thought the Green Chili Mayonnaise was interesting though.


Muscovy Duck Breast with Miso-Mustard

The mains came at a more furious pace which surprised me because for one thing, the table wasn’t big enough to hold everything and the service staff were almost tripping over each other to place the food on our table. We had to tell them to slow down so we could enjoy our meal without being interrupted by someone trying to maneuver a plate around.

Still, the mains were fairly awesome especially with a bowl of Steamed Akitakomachi rice which was very comforting. Equally exceptional was the Cape Grim Grass-fed Black & Red Angus ribeye which was generously piled with a braised red onions and coriander butter. But what really knocked the ball out of the park was the Skinned Tomato and Tofu which came in a delicious sourish-sweetish broth. This is something I can eat every day with rice without getting tired of.

As expected, the Berkshire Pork Belly steamed with Shaoxing gave off heady aromatics which was made even more interesting by the slightly sweetish-greenish tasting Soymilk Mustard. Unfortunately, the beautiful Charcoal Roasted Scottish Salmon was overcooked, resulting a very dry, crumbly mouthfeel that the Chinese Date-soy glaze couldn’t save.


Cape Grim Grass-fed Black & Red Angus Ribeye with Braised Red Onions and Coriander Butter

Dessert was a fairly blah affair with the Cardamom Rice Pudding with Strawberry Confit not holding up the end of the meal well. It was not bad but after a good meal, it got overshadowed by our high expectations of a superb ending.

What caused some amusement was the fruit platter divided into servings for 6 for the 8 of us. Another platter of 6 servings was quickly added to the table when we gave feedback but to our regret, we ended up with a 2 platters of mostly unripe fruits.


Skinned Tomatoes and Tofu

Though the bottled water was very expensive, I enjoyed my lunch at Ku Dé Ta. I thought that the food concept was well-thought out and intriguing if not all perfectly executed on all counts but that’s only a matter of time (I hope).

But what really appealed to me is the very Asian concept sharing food at a round table with friends or family. For us, it is at the dinner table where we communicate and have fellowship. As such, I would like to expand on Dostoevsky’s axiom by adding that we can observe the degree of society by how they eat.

And damn, that steamed Akitakomachi rice was so good.

Ku Dé Ta is at the Sands SkyPark, Marina Bay Sands at 10 Bayfront Avenue, along the Marina Bay waterfront. Tel. +65 6688 7688.



Semi-Fatty Tuna Belly


Charred Angus Beef Tataki with Green Chilli Ponzu



Crispy Jumbo Soft-shelled Crab with Green Chilli Mayonnaise


Stir-fried Asparagus


Berkshire Pork Belly steamed with Shaoxing






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Su-Lin commented on February 17, 2011 at 8:14 am

What a bizarre name for a restaurant… (especially one in Singapore)


Ivan commented on February 21, 2011 at 2:21 am

Well, I heard there’s a disagreement between the owners of the name (who are part investors of this restaurant) and the other owners regarding the use of the name.


deviant commented on June 11, 2011 at 11:39 am

Hahahaha… that’s is such a witty comment on MBS using Dostoevsky.

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