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It was only when I was asked to do an interview of Daniel Sia that I realized that he had become Chef and co-proprietor of The Disgruntled Chef. This blog is not one for the latest news in the local dining scene; mainly because new restaurants, like wine, tend to do better with some age.

Looking at the menu, I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by people who were hungry because, damn, everything looked so good.

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips (Wolf Herring skin and Tapioca chips)

It would be ridiculous for me to go through everything I had as it would bore you to tears. I’ll just go through the highlights and you can look at the pictures (with comments) further down below.

On one occasion, a very pleasant Indian couple sat next to me and my dinner companion and asked us what we thought was good. So, as it were, I’ll go over the good bits.

Besides, I think the “Was The Customer That Bad?” bit has gotten old.


Chicken Liver Parfait – Everyone loves parfaits

For starters I would recommend the cunningly named Fish & Chips, comprising of crisply fried Wolf Herring Skin and Tapioca slices served with a tangy black vinegar that gives your palate a kick-start. That is, of course, if you are able to find it on the menu. If not, the Chicken Liver Parfait with the red onion marmalade, spread on crispy toast is the way to go.

Some might opt for the Steak Tartare but I feel that the spices and hidden oozy quail egg overwhelmed the taste of beef. A good thing for raw steak initiates but meh for the more experienced. Speaking of taste, the Curried Mussels were excellent especially with sour dough (which like all other sour doughs on our island republic, wasn’t very good), light yet flavorful; I found myself exploring every nook and cranny to get that last bit of curry.


Crispy Lamb Short Ribs – Spicy and crisp on the outside, juicy and tender inside

Moving on to heavier fare, if you fancy a nibble, the Crispy Lamb Short Ribs’s the way to go. With a nice crisp Chili and Cumin crust, the soft juicy interior simply blew me away.

If you’re there for breakfast (or brunch), then the Baked Bone Marrow would fortify you for the rest of the day. Then again, the comforting fat enveloping your mouth with little sparkles from the pink peppercorns is just the thing to slow your roll after a hard day’s work.

Bone Marrow on Toast

Baked Bone Marrow on Toast, thumb optional

The Crackling Suckling Pig presents a problem for me. I am torn between recommending it as a main course or as a nibbling prelude. Whichever you choose, it is not difficult to see that this is the signature dish of the restaurant. Just take a look at all the tables around you.

And I would recommend the Marinated (with Miso) Japanese Cucumbers to go with the Crackling Suckling Pig to provide a cool contrast against all that hearty crispiness.


One of the best I’ve tasted so far

For the main, I’ve would like but have not tried the Smoked Chargrilled Cote De Boeuf because, inevitably, I would order the Roasted Miso Cod. Perhaps it is out of guilt from all that starters and appetizers or it is because I love fish roasted with Miso. But one thing I am sure is that the Miso Cod was exceptional.

Most Miso Cods come with a thick layer of Miso which can be unpleasantly overwhelming but the Roasted Miso Cod at The Disgruntled Chef has on a light glaze that doesn’t overwhelm. It’s a hit with everyone I shared it with.


Lightly glazed Roasted Miso Cod – Creamy and sweet!

I felt that The Disgruntled Chef’s Panna Cotta with Balsamic Strawberries is a winner but the real tiger-blooded dessert would be the Chocolate Fondant because it combines chocolate with one of my most favorite spreads in the world: Marmite. No, I tell a lie; the Chocolate Fondant oozes warm chocolate and peanut butter. Paired with roasty banana, it’s superbly unctuous.

And there you have it, my recommendation for building a meal at The Disgruntled Chef. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it, so go give it a try and see if your meal differs from mine. 🙂

2011Feb13-DisgruntledChef-46Oozing with Peanut butter and chocolate…

I enjoyed my experience on the two occasions; at brunch, 143 was busily texting and uploading photos to her friends who are now dying to visit the restaurant. It’s a nice casual place that encourages you to order and try stuff, although I must confess that the tiles they use to serve food on are the same tiles I use for my kitchen and bathroom. But that only goes to show they have impeccable taste.

In any case, The Disgruntled Chef on Dempsey Road has become my favorite place to have a nice lazy Sunday brunch. Or any meal of any day, come to think of it.

The Disgruntled Chef is at 26B Dempsey Road, Tel: 6476 5305, Open: Tuesday – Sunday (reservations recommended)



Scraping what’s left of the Chicken Liver Parfait


Scotched Quail Eggs – OK but not bacony enough, probably due to the size




Fig Crisps with Roquefort Parfait, port reduction and chocolate ice cream – Meh…


Palate-cleansing Marinated Japanese Cucumbers


The kind of toast I like


Crab cakes; it wasn’t as crisp as I’d like


Steak Tartare with hidden quail egg


Steak Tartare with quail egg exposed and obliterated


Crispy Lamb Short Ribs; a must-try


Curried Mussels – well, I liked it…

Panna Cotta with basil strawberries and balsamic

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Balsamic Strawberries

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drpigy commented on March 16, 2011 at 12:51 am

awesome post and pics! thx for sharing!


alkanphel commented on March 16, 2011 at 11:50 am

Great photos! Really makes me feel like going there right now to have their bone marrow hahaha


Ed commented on October 1, 2011 at 10:41 pm

fortunately i listened to you and gave the place a shot. it was excellent. was only let down a little by the dessert. pity i dint get to try the cote de boeuf too.


ivan commented on November 15, 2011 at 11:00 pm

@Ed: I am so glad you did. It’s one of my favorite places to eat.


ivan commented on November 15, 2011 at 11:01 pm

@alkanphel and drpigy: Thanks! I really enjoyed the food.

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