Strictly Pancakes in Princep Place on Princep Street


I was arranging a (March) birthday dinner at Bistro du Sommelier when I noticed that the place next door did not advertise alcohol. It turned out to be a pancake joint called, in no uncertain terms, Strictly Pancakes.

But what really caught my eye was the fact that they served a dish that was basically a big thick beef patty between two pancakes. This is because I am slightly jealous of Nicholas Chen’s access to (and intense coverage of) wonderful things such as the “Doughnut Burger“.

Now’s my chance, I thought, to show what Singapore can do in terms of bodaciously beefy edible erotica.


Not much as it turns out. Their menu is tuned towards homey comfort, more Betty Cooper than Veronica Lodge, if you get my drift.

I arrived as early as I could, beating the rain and crowd by scant minutes, and plonked myself on the first floor benches. There are sofas located upstairs but I’ve always felt that one should sit upright und propah for meals. Slouching is for slouchers.

I was too early for the regular menu, so I had to settle for the All American Breakfast which had cracking bacon but the small quail egg was rubbery and sad.

My brunch companion had the Eggs-A-Way where the eggs were decent but the mushrooms were soggy. This is common when frying mushrooms that have not been dried sufficiently or with under-heated skilliets and over-crowding (in the skillet, pan or wok) and you end up with a soggy slightly undercooked heap. Mushrooms take longer to cook properly than you think.


What I really liked were the milkshakes. I’m a sucker for milkshakes and I was glad that Vicky enjoyed them too because I got to try both the Chocolate and Strawberry. The Chocolate was thick as it should be but I liked the strawberry more because I really like strawberries.

What of the pancakes? Well, I was discomfited because of the incongruous order of the pancake options. A stack tends to the vertical, so it is more congruent to refer it to height which Strictly Pancakes got correct with the “short” option. I guess you can get away with “medium” but the “large” option gave me problems, given the fact that the pancakes were all the same size.

That aside, the pancakes weren’t as hot as I’d like them to be but they have weight and a good flavor. The Garlic & Herb butter and the Rum & Raisin butter elevates the pancakes to a higher level. Unfortunately, the amount of syrup given remains the same no matter what size option you choose.

And the Beef Me Up burger? As the place is called Strictly Pancakes, I didn’t really go in with very high expectations, so I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a nice beef fix albeit medium-well but at $14 a pop, it seems designed to discourage people from ordering it.


Strictly Pancakes seems to be very popular judging by the crowd and queue outside. It’s a pleasant hangout with a harried but friendly people who really do try their best. Again, go with low expectations, especially for Sunday Brunch and let their rum & raisin buttered pancakes perk your day up.

Strictly Pancakes is at 44A Prinsep Street, Singapore 188674, Tel: +65 6333 4202. Opening times are Mon: 1800 – 2200, Tue – Thu: 1130 – 2200, Fri: 1130 – 0000, Sat: 1000 – 0000, closed from 1600 -1800, Sun: 1000 – 2200, closed from 1600 -1800. Basically go early to avoid the long queues.


Beef Me Up


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Nicholas commented on May 19, 2011 at 10:43 am

Yo I dunno what you’re talking about, I’d eat that shit up. In fact, I wish more people sandwiched patties in between pancakes and waffles. With syrup… and bacon… and scrambled eggs.


Michiko commented on May 19, 2011 at 1:24 pm

I didn’t enjoy the experience at all! I had What-a-spread and the Nutella spread was pittance so I had to ask for a top-up ($1), which they waived when I vehemently objected.

My colleague had Salmon Run and he said that it was a strange combination so he left his lunch pretty intact.

It’s great for the students in that area but aint going back there, that’s for sure.

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