Flor Patisserie by Chef Yamashita on Duxton Hill


It is said that the Japanese have an acute over-developed sense of specialization. They are the world’s foremost perfectionists, even more so than the Germans. Witness the Japanese Matsusaka Beef, Americans talk about beef marbling but when it comes to a showdown, the Japanese Matsusaka beef makes American USDA Prime look positively emaciated.

It was after a heavy lunch of Nasi Lemak when Meilin insisted that we give Flor Patisserie a try because she heard the cakes were very good.

Flor Patisserie is a very small hole-in-the-wall cake shop but it is very elegant with a very quirky personality which I like very much: I asked a counter staff what was Chef Yamashita’s signature cake, the reply was the Napoleon. But when you ask the wife (at least I assume she’s the wife), she’ll say it’s the Berry Berries. Ask a different counter staff and you’ll get another answer (Thé Vert, which Meilin likes).

Apparently all the cakes there are his signature cake. Duh. But I did witness an elegantly dressed lady walk in and whisk away 4 Coffee Tofu Cakes.

Unlike some people, I’m not going to cut and paste information about Flor Patisserie and Chef Yamashita from their website onto my blog because it adds nothing of value and I can easily link you there. But I can tell you the people at Flor Patisserie seem very passionate and very concerned about your well-being.

The Napolean was very good. Delicate cream with a whiff of strawberries with a delightful crunch from the very light puff pastry. Meilin who professed to be on a diet, finished a third of the cake. I thought the Earl Grey tea I had went well with it. Unfortunately, I was too full to try the rest. But I will in the near future.

The Japanese are not famous for inventing things, instead they excel in perfecting the inventions of others (Portuguese deep-fried fish into Tempura and Chinese Pengzai into Bonsai to name a few examples) and imbuing those perfections with an unmistakable Japanese character. Likewise for French pastry, some might even say that the Japanese have surpassed the French in delicacy and subtlety.

And after tasting the Napoleon, I have to say that Flor Patisserie by Chef Yamashita Masataka has injected a breath of fresh air to the Singapore pastry scene.

Flor Patisserie is at 2 Duxton Hill, #01-01 Singapore, Tel: +65 6223 8628. Opens Mon to Sat 11am – 7pm; Sun 11am – 6pm. Pray for a seat as the place is usually crowded. Also, after 6pm, all items are discounted…


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yixiao commented on August 23, 2011 at 12:50 pm

“Unlike some people, I’m not going to cut and paste information about Flor Patisserie and Chef Yamashita from their website…”


i love Flor’s The Vert =) give it a go if you like green tea.

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