Yayoiken at the Meidi-ya Supermarket in Liang Court


As a school kid, I never had much pocket money. My parents weren’t rich and I was too embarrassed to ask for pocket money raises. As a result, to go out on dates, I had to save up for weeks.

At that time, one of my favorite restaurants to bring a date to was Hoshigaoka at Centerpoint. Mainly because the meal sets were fix-priced and hence presented a fairly immobile target to save for. And because each set consisted of an appetizer, a main, dessert and fruit (inclusive of coffee or tea), there was little danger of the date ordering something that would bust my meager savings. Strategic thinking focuses limited resources for maximum impact.

Yes, yes, there are always the cheaper alternatives but at 16, the skin is thin and impressions are painfully magnified.

And so when I saw Yayoiken opening at the Medi-ya supermarket, it brought back many memories of happy dining.

Ikageso Karaage

Ikageso Karaage

If, like me, you are wondering what is the defining thing about Yayoiken (like fudge you are), it would have to be Miso. Almost every dish in the menu has Miso as an ingredient. And why not? It’s as delicious as it’s versatile.

The Nasu Miso, which I thought was a simple Miso Eggplant and Pepper dish turned out to have thinly sliced pork which added big kick how delicious it was. The Nasu Miso is something I’d eat frequently, gladly with their free-flowing rice.

Nasu Miso

Nasu Miso, deliciously spicy

Of course, that would mean I would have to miss out on the other bento sets offered on the menu. And one set not to miss is the Special Steak Mix set which features, among other things, an excellent smoky bacon.

I’ve not even begun to tell you the one dish that blew my mind and that’s the Kajiru. It’s a Bottleneck Clam Miso broth that’s so rich and tasty, I won’t mind having it every day. One sip and it fills your mouth with a briny taste of the sea and your soul with an unbelievable warmth. All this for a measly $1.90 upgrade.


Kajiru, an addictive umami laden taste of the sea, worth the $1.90 upgrade

Yayoiken has a variety of a la carte dishes and Ikageso Karaage (crispy squid) is worth a try. I wasn’t impressed initially, but it grows on you.

Thus far, I’ve been to Yayoiken several times and thus far I like it’s simple layout, straight-forward and affordable meal sets. These days if I’m at Liang Court, I will make it a point to eat there or just snack on the Nasu Miso and a bowl of the stupendous Kajiru. If you wish to experience the versatility of Miso in Japanese cooking, you will not be disappointed.

Yayoiken is at the Meidi-ya Supermarket, 177 River Valley Road, #B1-50 Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030. Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Special Steak Mix

Special Steak Mix set

Miso Katsu

Miso Katsu – Meh…

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