Happy food at Azhang 2.0


This blog was rather surprised when he saw this entry announcing Azhang’s possible closure. My first reaction was “who in the right mind would double rent at a time like this?” Apparently the landlord (I think it’s CK Tang) has a different business model. I can’t comment further about said business strategy because CK Tang, beginning with a small suitcase, built a mega-business, retail empire that spans the world whereas I just run a food blog.

Anyway, there is no helping it but to organize a dinner featuring all our favorites at Azhang so that we can save up on the memories until Patrick and Ava finds a new place to open Azhang 3.0.

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Lazy Sunday Lunch at Azhang

collageAzhang is that kind of place that you either hate with a passion or love passionately. There is no middle ground.

This blog was there for Sunday lunch to seek advice from his friends about the things to look out for in a kitchen. While this blog has long set it’s sights on his ideal cooker range, however when the ideal costs half the renovation budget, some drastic resighting is required. Alas my beautiful gas range with the bright red ceramic knobs with digital readouts, we were never meant to be.

Just a point of note, the darling Wolf gas range was featured in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man in Peter and Harry’s apartment. The scene had May Parker pull out a roasted turkey from the Wolf cooker/oven just as Norman Osborn walked in.

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Jazz at Azhang

collagePatrick of Azhang serves really good chicken wings. But because it was very long week, I was not too keen to keep late nights especially on a weekday. Ok, it was a Friday but I had errands to run.

You do realize I am giving a lot of excuses right? Anyway, I stopped and signed up for it because I found out that my friend Ai Ling was performing that night. I even called up the whole gang and signed them up. Unfortunately, the house was full, but Patrick was game enough to squeeze us all in to the lounge area.

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Filming at Azhang

was loads of fun. It was not a good night to be married as slightly plump spouses were skewered.


More coming after this break; don’t touch that mouse.

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Porterhouse Beef and Chianti Night at Azhang’s

collageThis is the first (I think) Social Night since the opening of Azhang’s on Mohamed Sultan Road. This spread by word of mouth and finally, I got an email from Patrick confirming the 14.8kg worth of Porterhouse Beef on Sunday.

For those who belong to the Non-Metric world, that’s two cows worth of beef.

That’s all you need to know.

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